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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecuting violations of federal criminal statutes in the Northern District of Ohio. The division’s units include:

National Security Unit:  Protecting the United States from terrorism attacks, state-sponsored espionage, and cyber intrusions remain the highest priority of the Department of Justice.  The office’s National Security Unit is focused on working collaboratively with federal law enforcement agencies to prevent terrorism, espionage, theft of trade secrets, violations of U.S. export control laws, and cyber-threats aimed at critical infrastructure, governmental operations, and private industry.

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Unit:  This unit is responsible for the office’s ground-breaking work in investigating and prosecuting large-scale trafficking of illicit narcotics, including prosecutions of international Mexican, Colombian, and Asian drug trafficking organizations.  The unit maintains an innovative cyber-capability focused on interdiction of dangerous narcotics sold via the internet or dark web.  Attorneys from this unit also support the work of the office’s Diversion Working Group and are frequently in charge of prosecuting healthcare providers who criminally violate their duties under the Controlled Substances Act.  The unit’s prosecutors are also responsible for the office’s Asset Forfeiture litigation and focus heavily on the financial side of trafficking investigations.

White Collar Crimes Unit: Preventing fraud, public corruption, and civil rights violations under color of law remain a high priority for the office.  Attorneys assigned to this unit are responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal offenses committed by federal, state, and local government officials, as well as mail and wire fraud, healthcare fraud, bank fraud, and federal program fraud.  The unit also handles the office’s securities fraud and cyber-related fraud cases, which are often international in scope.

General Crimes Unit: This unit is responsible for prosecutions involving crimes against the public and result in broad community impact.  This includes violations of federal statutes prohibiting child exploitation, human trafficking, organized crime, hate crimes, and illegal immigration, as well as offenses involving mail theft, crimes committed on federal property, counterfeiting of U.S. currency, environmental crimes, and identity theft and credit card fraud. Reducing the impact of violent crime on the communities of Northern Ohio is one of the office’s highest priorities.  This unit works closely with local law enforcement and federal agencies to implement the district’s Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) strategy.

Appeals Unit: The office generates a large number of appellate cases following conviction and sentencing in criminal cases, as well as other issues resulting from our criminal docket.  This unit handles appeals in criminal cases, as well as providing support on issues developed at the trial court level that will possibly form the basis of an appeal while the case is ongoing.

Updated November 30, 2022