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Southern District of Alabama

About the District

The United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Alabama serves the District by representing the interests of the United States in litigation and community affairs related to law enforcement. The Office prosecutes violations of federal criminal law. It also defends the United States in civil law suits and seeks to recover from instances of fraud committed against the United States and take other affirmative civil enforcement action. The Office works with federal, state, and local law enforcement to protect and serve the district.

This site offers information about who we are, the work we do on behalf of the citizens of the Southern District of Alabama, and how we are organized to complete that work. It is an honor for us to work on behalf of the people of this district. Our goal is to do justice in each and every case we handle. 

Meet the U.S. Attorney

Sean P. Costello
U.S. Attorney

Mobile: 251-441-5845
Fax: 251-441-5051

Sean Costello USA