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Jimmy Davis, LEC Coordinator Specialist 

The Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee (LECC) was established in 1981 in all of the 94 U.S. Attorney's Offices by order of the U.S. Attorney General. LECC provides a networking focus for law enforcement agencies committed to the ideal of cooperation and coordination at all levels of local, state and federal law enforcement.

The LECC’s mission is to foster effective communication and cooperation among the district’s local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies; to identify and address current and emerging regional and national crime trends and threats; to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to support established training objectives for the district’s law enforcement community; and to provide advance planning and ensure cooperation in the event of a major incident in the district. The LECC sponsors or co-sponsors no or low-cost training programs and seminars addressing subjects relevant to all levels of law enforcement officials. Training topics are wide-ranging and reflect current challenges and trends.


All local, state, and federal law enforcement agents or officers, as well as security officers at private companies and universities, are welcome to participate in the LECC. The LECC has an Advisory Board, with members who assist in setting goals and priorities and strive to continually improve and update the program to reflect the changing needs and priorities of the law enforcement community.

Updated January 26, 2024