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Press Release

Foley Man Sentenced to 37 Months for Firearm Offense While Impersonating an FBI Agent

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of Alabama

United States Attorney Sean P. Costello of the Southern District of Alabama announced that United States District Judge Terry F. Moorer sentenced defendant Kelcey Turner, 36, to thirty-seven months in prison for possessing a firearm while he was a drug-addicted person.  Turner entered a guilty plea to those offenses on April 1, 2022.

According to court documents filed in connection with his guilty plea, on March 11, 2021, Kelcey Turner approached a uniformed Foley police officer while the officer was directing traffic in a school zone.  Turner was wearing a shoulder style holster with a semi-automatic Glock 9mm.  The officer asked Turner if there was a problem.  Turner responded “I don’t know, is there?” and then left the area in an indigo colored Dodge Challenger.  The officer reported the incident and asked for other officers to be aware.

Turner then pulled up to Servpro in Baldwin County.  Once there, Turner encountered an employee of Servpro.  Turner walked up to the employee and pulled the Glock 9mm from his holster, loaded a magazine in the weapon, pulled the slide back to charge the weapon, and pointed the weapon at the employee.  Turner identified himself as a special agent with the FBI and grabbed the employee’s wallet and removed his identification. Turner acted as if he had a radio and earpiece in his ear and called out the employee’s identifying information.  At this time, other employees from Servpro exited the building and witnessed the interaction between Turner and the employee.  Turner told the other employees that he was an FBI agent.  The employees asked to see his badge, and Turner replied that FBI agents don’t carry badges.  Turner then grabbed the employee’s left arm, twisted it behind his back, and moved the employee from his car to another vehicle approximately three cars away.  Turner then left the scene.  The Servpro employees called Foley PD, and they issued an alert for TURNER and his vehicle.

Shortly after the alert was announced, a patrol officer spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  The Glock 9mm was on Turner’s person in the shoulder holster.  Turner stated he had a SKS rifle as well.  Officers recovered in TURNER’s automobile or in his residence: a Glock 9mm pistol, serial number SLS726; and a semi-automatic Norinco rifle, SKS 7.62x39, serial number 8151167P, and two 15 round 9mm magazines, and one 31 round 9mm magazine, and one 50 round Glock 9mm drum magazine, and 23 Perfecta 9mm Luger rounds of ammunition, and one KCI 7.62x39 75 round drum magazine.

Turner was interviewed and admitted to being under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

Judge Moorer imposed a thirty-seven month sentence of incarceration.  The judge also ordered Turner to serve a three-year term of supervised release upon his discharge from prison.  Judge Moorer ordered substance abuse testing, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment as conditions of Turner’s sentence.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Foley Police Department investigated this case. Assistant United States Attorney Kacey Chappelear prosecuted the case.

Updated August 5, 2022