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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Texas Receives 84 Months for Use of Firearm in Robbery Affecting Interstate Commerce

United States Attorney Richard W. Moore of the Southern District of Alabama announced that Patrick Miller, a 25 year old resident of Kaufman, Texas was sentenced to 84 months incarceration, ordered to pay $387.20 restitution after being convicted of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.
According to a factual statement Miller signed in connection with his guilty plea, on Christmas Day, 2017, Spanish Fort Police Department received a 911 call from a store clerk at Circle K Convenience Store located at 6490 Old Spanish Trail in Spanish Fort, Alabama in reference to a robbery. Almost immediately another 911 call came in from a patron of the store who told police that the robber ran across Spanish Trail to a vehicle that was parked behind Rite Aid Drug Store. The patron advised police dispatch that the robber got into the passenger side of the vehicle. The patron described the vehicle as an older model grey truck with blue writing on the side.

Spanish Fort police officers responded to the location at approximately 5:00 pm., they were told that a white male entered the store, went to the cooler and selected a six pack of Bud light beer and then returned to the register. The clerk stated that, after the robber pulled out a camouflage wallet and asked for a pack of Camel Turkish Royal Blend cigarettes in a box, he lifted his shirt and showed her a handgun located in his waist band. The store clerk stated that the robber then stated, “this is no joke, and I want all the money in the register." The store clerk then opened the register, and gave the robber all the money in the register. The store clerk described the robber as very tall and wearing a grey hoodie with a brown neck warmer. The total amount in cash stolen was approximately $387.20.  

The patron stated that after entering the store and going to the coolers, he heard a large amount of change hitting the counter, and it got his attention. The patron stated that when he looked, he could see money in the bag the robber was carrying. He advised police that he could tell something was wrong, and followed the robber out of the store. Once in front of the store, the robber began to walk toward the south of the building. The patron said that the robber showed him the butt of the handgun he was carrying. The patron then stopped following the robber and returned to his vehicle to retrieve his phone.
Still shots taken from the surveillance video showing the robber and his weapon were placed on the Spanish Fort Police Department Facebook page and given to Channel 15 News and Channel 10 News to broadcast.

Three days later, on December 28, officers received a call from Miller’s employer who said he saw a TV broadcast and he identified the robber as Patrick Miller.   Miller’s employer stated that he had also been in touch with the family Miller was living with in Spanish Fort. He provided a telephone number for Miller and advised his office was closed for the day. He said that he told his staff not to come in because he feared for their safety.  Miller’s employer stated that Miller was currently driving a company truck which was described as an older Chevrolet with blue emblems on the door.  He also advised that Miller was currently living with a family in Spanish Fort.

Also on December 28th, member of the family Miller lived with called with additional information.  He stated that he had seen the broadcast from the Circle K, and that the robber was Miller.  He stated that Miller had lived with his son at Auburn, and was currently living with him at his home in Spanish Fort.  The family member stated that Miller was wearing a Broncos pull over that his son had given Miller and a neck warmer used when duck hunting by his son. The family member also stated that the handgun Miller used in the robbery belonged to his son as well.  The family member stated that his son had brought Miller to live with them because of a drug problem, and was attempting to help him recover from addiction. The family member also stated that Miller was currently occupying a Chevy pickup that belonged to his boss. He advised that the truck was silver or grey with blue emblems on the doors. The family member also advised that Miller had shaved his beard earlier in the day.

Miller was located and arrested.  At the time of arrest, Miller was in possession of a green camouflage wallet.  He was also in possession of $267.00 in cash.  

Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation along with officers of the Spanish Fort, Alabama Police Department investigated the case and brought it to the U. S. Attorney's Office for prosecution.  The prosecutor assigned to the case is Assistant United States Attorney, Gina S. Vann.

Updated November 13, 2018