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Press Release

Richard Grundy, III and associates convicted

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Southern District of Indiana
Grundy and co-defendants face up to life in prison

INDIANAPOLIS - United States Attorney Josh J. Minkler announced today the conviction of Richard Bernard Grundy, III, a 30-year-old resident of Indianapolis, and four members of his drug trafficking organization on drug trafficking charges. The convictions resulted from a three-week trial that occurred in Evansville, Indiana. Grundy and his associates were convicted of all charges filed in the case.

Grundy was the leader of a drug trafficking organization that distributed over 400 pounds of methamphetamine, as well as large amounts of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana in Indianapolis from August 2016 through November 17, 2017. Grundy was convicted of engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and other drug trafficking and money laundering offenses. The conviction for engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise carries a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment.

Also convicted were Ezell Neville, 41, Undrae Moseby, 30, Derek Atwater, 33, and James Beasley, 39, all residents of Indianapolis. Neville, Moseby, Atwater, and Beasley were convicted of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and other drug trafficking offenses.  They face sentences within the range of ten years and life imprisonment. Neville served as a principal distributor of methamphetamine for Grundy. Moseby transported drug proceeds from Indianapolis to Phoenix, Arizona for Grundy and returned to Indianapolis with methamphetamine. Atwater and Beasley were mid-level methamphetamine distributors for Grundy’s organization. The other charged defendants pled guilty in federal court.

Minkler stated, “Richard Grundy’s conviction is another positive step in our continued efforts to combat violence and drug trafficking in Indianapolis. Over the last three weeks, we proved that Grundy was the kingpin of an armed drug trafficking organization that infested our city with heroin, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs. This verdict sends a clear message that Grundy’s days of pushing drugs, perpetuating violence and menacing the good people of Indianapolis are over.”

The lead investigative agencies were the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Other agencies that assisted in the investigation included the Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Fishers Police Department, Marion County Sheriff’s Department, Indiana State Police, and Zionsville Police Department. Minkler specifically commended the work of FBI Special Agent Kerry Inglis and IMPD Detective Eric Moncrief, who spearheaded the investigation for their agencies.

“Mr. Grundy thought he and his associates were above the law and could run their criminal enterprise without fear of consequence. This verdict sends a very strong message not only that those who traffic drugs and peddle their poison in our communities will be held accountable, but that there is zero tolerance for those who think they can continue to intimidate people/witnesses and inspire fear in our neighborhoods without reprisal,” said Grant Mendenhall, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI's Indianapolis Division. “I want to thank the agents, task force officers, staff, and law enforcement partners who spent countless hours for more than a year tirelessly investigating this organization and ensuring their illegal activities would be brought to a grinding halt.”

Chief Bryan Roach said, “Today, A violent individual is off the streets of our city thanks in no small part to our strong partnerships with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. And that’s why we’ve doubled down on this model, establishing the Indianapolis Crime Gun Intelligence Center earlier this year to formalize these partnerships and continue to pursue the most violent in our community, along with their sources of crime guns.” Chief Roach continued, “I am proud of the officers and investigators who remain vigilant in pursuing all crime in our city. This conviction is the reward of the great police work that occurs in our city every day. Our agency along with our local and federal partners are determined to make Indianapolis a safe and enjoyable place to work and live.”

“Yesterday’s guilty verdict in the Grundy, et al. trial was necessary and just for the citizens of the Indianapolis Metropolitan community. The guilty verdict sends a strong message that violent drug trafficking organizations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and have no place in our community. This investigation demonstrated the highest level of collaboration among law enforcement and prosecutorial partners throughout the criminal justice system,” remarked DEA’s Assistant Special Agent in Charge, J. Michael Gannon.

“There is no room in the Indianapolis community for anyone using guns and threats of violence to further their illegal drug business,” stated Jonathan McPherson, Special Agent in Charge of ATF’s Columbus Field Division. “The steps these individuals took to intimidate witnesses and community members are almost unprecedented. I am proud of the long-term, cooperative efforts by all of the law enforcement agencies involved to hold all of these individuals responsible for the harm they inflicted on their victims.”

“The conviction of Richard B. Grundy, III and his co-defendants is an enormous victory for the people of Indianapolis and the surrounding communities,” said Fishers Police Chief Ed Gebhart. “The negative influence these criminals have had on the Indianapolis area has been profound. We are all safer and live better when individuals such as these are brought to justice. The courageous, professional and focused law enforcement and prosecutorial resources brought to bear in this case is a clear illustration of how multi-agency cooperation works for all. The law enforcement community and the law-abiding public should continue to speak and act with one voice against those that would act as predators on our society. Although so much work remains, this success should serve to motivate the peace-loving people of Central Indiana to bond closer, communicate more and pursue justice fiercely, together.”

This case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Bradley A. Blackington and Lindsay E. Karwoski.

                             In October 2017, United States Attorney Josh J. Minkler announced a Strategic Plan designed to shape and strengthen the District’s response to its most significant public safety challenges. This prosecution demonstrates the office’s firm commitment to target, investigate, and prosecute more violent criminal organizations engaged in drug trafficking, money laundering and the use of firearms to further a drug trafficking crime. See United States Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Indiana Strategic Plan Section 2.1

Updated April 18, 2023

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