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Community Outreach

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi is committed to effectively serving our community and engages in outreach in order to prevent crime, respond to community needs, and promote good citizenship.  Through our outreach efforts, the office connects with local community groups and organizations to discuss ways our work affects them, and provide an avenue for members of the community to express issues of concern and report federal crimes or civil rights violations.

A number of outreach efforts are underway.  In concert with the work of our Hate Crimes Task Force, the office is engaged in efforts to reach out to, and more fully engage, members of our Arab, Muslim, and Sikh communities whose members often find themselves targets of hate crimes.  In addition, we actively work to address the public safety concerns of our Native American tribes within the Southern District of Mississippi.  And we conduct extensive community outreach through law enforcement initiatives such as

  • Project Safe Childhood, which combats sexual exploitation crimes against children;
  • Project Safe Neighborhood, which focuses both on arresting and prosecuting serial criminals who illegally use or possess firearms, and assisting communities in addressing issues that, left unchecked, may lead to gun violence; and

Should you have a question about, or wish to participate in, any one of our outreach efforts please call us at 601-965-4480.

The U.S. Attorney and Assistant U.S. Attorneys, along with other office staff, regularly speak at community meetings, local events and schools  throughout Washington regarding the work of the officeUSAO as well as specific law enforcement or crime prevention issues of interest.

Updated January 9, 2015

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