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Project Safe Neighborhoods


Gun Violence Remains a Major Problem in the United States

According to the National Institute of Justice, in 2005, 11,346 persons were killed by firearm violence and 477,040 persons were victims of a crime committed with a firearm. Most murders in the United States are committed with firearms, especially handguns.

People between the ages of 15 and 24 are most likely to be targeted by gun violence. From 1976 to 2005, 77 percent of homicide victims ages 15-17 died from gun-related injuries. This age group was most at risk for gun violence during this time period.

Teens and young adults are more likely than persons of other ages to be murdered with a gun. Most violent gun crime, especially homicide, occurs in cities and urban communities. More information is available on the Office of Justice Programs National Institute of Justice website.

Project Safe Neighborhoods

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) is a nationwide commitment to reduce gun crime in America by networking existing local programs that target gun crime and providing those programs with additional tools to fit the specific gun crime problems in each area. The goal is to create safer neighborhoods by reducing gun violence and sustaining that reduction.

In the Southern District of Mississippi, Project Safe Neighborhoods has provided federal funds for the hiring of additional federal and state prosecutors to handle gun related prosecutions.   

Additionally the Task Force identified a growing problem of fugitives from justice who continue to commit gun crimes because there are not adequate resources for law enforcement to apprehend them. The Fugitive Apprehension Task Force of the U.S. Marshal Service  was expanded by using PSN funds to pay local officers' overtime and travel costs, thus insuring a dynamic, mobile enforcement effort throughout the District.

Updated November 24, 2015

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