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The Administrative Division

           The mission of the Administrative Division is to provide consistent and effective administrative services and support to the employees and programs of the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Michigan.

           The Administrative Division is responsible for planning and executing a comprehensive range of administrative services which support office operations. In the areas of human resources management, financial management, systems and information management, and office services, the support provided by the Administrative Division is critical to the effective and efficient operations of our office. The Division is managed by the Administrative Officer (AO) who is the principal advisor to the United States Attorney and the District on administration. As the principal advisor to the District on administration, the AO provides guidance on the management and use of the District's financial, human, and physical resources, and on administrative policies, procedures, and practices. The Administrative Officer supervises a support staff of eleven employees in the following program areas:

Administrative Support

           Administrative support is provided to the United States Attorney and First Assistant United States Attorney by the unit Secretary.

Personnel Management & Human Resources

           The Personnel Unit provides human resource support for the office by recruiting and hiring a productive work force reflective of the nation's diversity. The goal is to administer and implement fair and effective policies in all personnel management programs including hiring, job classification, advancement opportunities, salary and benefit administration, and employee relations. In serving all of its constituencies including employees, managers, job applicants, and the general public, the Human Resources Staff endeavors to consistently provide accurate, timely and helpful information and assistance. The Unit consists of the Human Resources Officer and an Assistant.

Financial Management

           The Financial Management Unit is responsible for the formulation, execution, and monitoring of the office budgets. This includes the prompt payment of vendor invoices and travel reimbursements, as well as the documentation that supports all expenditures of office funds. The Unit ensures that proper management controls are in place over the expenditure of all funds and provides management with periodic reports on the allocation of resources and status of funds. The Financial Unit consists of the Budget Officer and Budget Analyst.

Information Technology Management

           The Information Technology Management Unit is responsible for information, computer, and technology management and litigation support. The unit supports functions in the headquarters office and all branch offices. Communications and case management support are provided through a networked computer system. Functions offered through the network include word processing, electronic mail and file transfer, access to on-line legal services, the Internet, electronic voice over internet protocol (eVoIP) telecommunications, and internal and external databases. Litigation support functions include, but are not limited to: collecting, processing and managing electronically stored information; database construction; trial illustration; trial presentation and the training of district staff.

           The offices in Grand Rapids, Marquette, and Lansing have Video Teleconference (VTC) facilities and conduct meetings, interviews, and training between offices and other sites which are maintained by the Information Technology Management Staff.

           The Information Technology Management Unit consists of a Supervisor - Information Technology Manager, a Information Technology Specialist, a Litigation Support Coordinator, and an Information Receptionist.

Support Services

           The Support Services Unit is responsible for all logistical operations including telephone and communications, mail services, the procurement of supplies, furniture and equipment, and property management. They also develop and maintain service contracts for office equipment, coordinate space and facility needs, and provide other support that affects the everyday functioning of the office.

           The Support Services Unit consists of a Supervisor - Administrative Services Specialist, and an Assistant Administrative Services Specialist.

Updated April 29, 2021