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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division is the largest of the District’s divisions and is among the busiest in the nation. Over 100 Assistant United States Attorneys (AUSAs) in the Criminal Division are located throughout Austin, Alpine/Pecos, Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, San Antonio, and Waco. AUSAs in the Criminal Division work with agents from a variety of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to prosecute individuals and organizations who violate federal criminal laws. They also prosecute a wide variety of criminal activity with an emphasis on cases that are consistent with the prosecutorial priorities established by the Attorney General of the United States. Western District of Texas prosecutors typically work in the following areas:

Appellate | Cross Border Crimes | Cyber Crime | Major Crimes | National Security | OCDETF/Narcotics | Public Corruption | White Collar Crime


Updated December 21, 2022