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Press Release

Statement by U.S. Attorney John F. Bash Re: Current E.P.I.S.D. Litigation

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of Texas

In the interest of justice, and to bring finality to the lengthy and complex litigation involving the prosecution of certain El Paso Independent School District administrators and employees, the remaining two defendants awaiting trial under cause number EP16cr693—James Anderson and John Tanner—have entered into pre-trial diversion agreements with the government. Once Mr. Anderson and Mr. Tanner successfully complete the terms and conditions of their pre-trial diversion programs, the charges against them will be dismissed.  As part of their agreements, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Tanner have accepted responsibility for their behavior.

To ensure a fair and equitable outcome for all defendants in the EP16cr693 indictment, our office has also filed joint motions with counsel for co-defendants Damon Murphy, Maria Flores, and Vanessa Foreman, requesting the District Court to approve the withdrawal of their previously entered guilty pleas so that they will each receive a similar disposition. Now that the District Court has granted the motions, Mr. Murphy, Ms. Flores, and Ms. Foreman will enter into deferred prosecution agreements with the government in which the charges against them will ultimately be dismissed upon the successful completion of required terms and conditions. As a part of their deferred prosecution agreements, Mr. Murphy, Ms. Flores, and Ms. Foreman have all admitted to engaging in the conduct set forth in the factual summaries attached to their agreements.

The pre-trial diversion and deferred prosecution agreements entered into in this case were accepted by all parties—the defendants and our office—as a just and appropriate resolution to the matter.

Updated July 1, 2019

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