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Bangladesh: ICITAP Partners with Bangladesh Police to Combat COVID-19

On March 25, ICITAP’s mission in Bangladesh delivered an update on its partnership with the Bangladesh Police to combat COVID-19. ICITAP has been working since early February 2020 with the Bangladesh Police to share information about coronavirus prevention. Over the last month, the Bangladesh Police have steadily increased the volume and geographic spread of police headquarters and local police Facebook pages nationally sharing police outreach with the community about coronavirus prevention. News media has been covering police outreach stories. The public has responded favorably, which encourages the police to do even more. Over a two-week period, ICITAP collected nearly one hundred social media postings by and about the police, who are actively engaged in protecting and supporting the public against COVID-19. In Bangladesh, ICITAP works with the support of and in coordination with the Department of State.

Updated August 11, 2023