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ICITAP Sponsors Female Police Leaders at International Association of Women Police Conference

On September 27, ICITAP personnel and an ICITAP-sponsored international delegation of 37 female police leaders from 13 nations completed their participation at the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) conference in Anchorage, Alaska. The countries represented in ICITAP’s delegation included Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kosovo, Mali, Montenegro, Nepal, North Macedonia, Philippines, Serbia, and Ukraine. IAWP was founded in 1915 as an international organization for women in criminal justice professions. Today, the association has members in over 60 countries. The Annual Training Conference is the biggest event on the association’s calendar and recognizes the large contribution made by women in policing. The 2019 conference provided participants with the opportunity to hear from global police leaders, to share best practices and to discuss cross-cutting local and international issues. Further, the international participants had the chance to share success stories, build their regional professional network, identify points for collaboration, and gain exposure to new law enforcement techniques and methodologies.

Updated August 11, 2023