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Indonesia: ICITAP’s Distance Learning Platform Strengthens Marine and Air Security

On August 24, ICITAP concluded the third iteration of virtual Data Management System (DMS) training for the Indonesian National Police (INP) Marine and Air Unit. The training was opened by the Police Superintendent of Marine and Air Police Corps (Korpolairud) Cooperation Unit. In his opening remarks, he said that it is important for Marine and Air Police (Polairud) personnel to keep up with the technology to support their work in law enforcement, and conducting the virtual training is a way to continue DMS training during the COVID-19 pandemic. He noticed both online and face-to-face DMS Operator trainings that had been conducted previously and hoped that the latter could still be conducted in the future.  An overview of DMS was given on the first day of the training for 10) personnel of five provincial police departments (Polda), namely Polda North Sulawesi, Polda Central Sulawesi, Polda South Sulawesi, Polda Gorontalo and Polda Bali. Video Conference features of the DMS Application had already been introduced and has been utilized by the participants. User IDs and passwords to log into DMS application were made for the them and they learned more about the DMS features and capabilities, such as inputting data into the right fields and categories, producing reports and statistics, utilizing dashboard, etc. Observers/representatives from Korpolairud headquarters were present during the entire training to answer questions about Air Police (Polair’s) operation matters related to DMS.

Updated August 11, 2023