International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)

International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP)

ICITAP has contributed to our national security by building law enforcement capacity and strategic partnerships worldwide since 1986.
ICITAP has contributed to our national security by building law enforcement capacity and strategic partnerships worldwide since 1986.


ICITAP 37 Year Anniversary

The International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) works with foreign governments to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transnational crime and terrorism. ICITAP provides international development assistance that supports both national security and foreign policy objectives.

Situated in the Department of Justice's Criminal Division, ICITAP works in close partnership with and receives funding for its programs from the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

ICITAP programs are designed in partnership with the host countries, and program implementation methods include on-the-ground, pre-program assessments; program planning, management, and review; curriculum development; classroom training, seminars, and workshops; internships; equipment donations; donor coordination; and on-the-job training and mentoring provided by embedded long-term advisors.

In the News

North Macedonia: ICITAP Delivers Presentation on Job Task Analysis Process to Executive Leadership

January 27, 2022

On January 27, ICITAP and the National Job Task Analysis (JTA) working group delivered a presentation on the INL-funded and ICITAP-implemented JTA Initiative, which is being developed for the police officer and criminal investigator positions in the Ministry of Interior, Financial Police, and Customs Office. The Director of the Public Security Bureau, the Assistant Minister for Police Training, the Financial Police Director, and the Customs Office representatives attended the event, which took place at the Police Training Center. The ICITAP-North Macedonia Mission Advisor addressed the audience to stress the importance of this science-based process and the benefits it brings to the law enforcement organizations in North Macedonia. He expressed ICITAP’s and INL’s highest appreciation to the working group members and the ICITAP advisors for their dedicated and professional work. ICITAP hopes to continue its support of the Job Task Analysis process, specifically to include assistance for curriculum development. The working group presentation was impressive and explained the overall JTA process, the digital platform created for this purpose, and the complex follow up survey activity which will include 400 police officers nationwide to get real data on the future planning and design of the training curricula. The ICITAP-North Macedonia mission is implementing the JTA initiative with the support of and in coordination with the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

Colombia: ICITAP Holds Closing Ceremony to Mark Conclusion of Human Identification Program within Human Rights Violation Program

January 20, 2022

On January 20, ICITAP-Colombia, with the support of the Bureau of International Narcotics and the Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) of the United States Department of State, held a closing ceremony to present the results and achievements highlights of the project "Technical Assistance to the Attorney General's Office of Colombia and other justice institutions to strengthen investigations of disappeared persons and human rights violations." The ceremony was attended by 140 people from four Colombian agencies: Provincial Government of the Nation (AGO), Colombian National Police (CNP), Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (INML) and the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP). The Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) of the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá and the Deputy Attorney General (DAG) of Colombia delivered opening remarks to highlight the program's achievements. During the two-year program, ICITAP worked tirelessly alongside 464 Colombian officials who received technical assistance and specialized forensic training that resulted in the location of 623 burial sites, the exhumation of 1,515 bodies, the identification of 717 bodies and the dignified return of 639 bodies to victims’ relatives of the 50-year armed conflict in Colombia. In addition, ICITAP with the financial support of INL held 43 days of DNA sampling from victim’s relatives (Jornadas) to help in the identification of human remains located at these grave sites. During these jornadas, 6,055 victim’s relatives attended, AGO officials collected 2,077 DNA samples and conducted 1,366 interviews.

Albania: ICITAP Kicks Off Advanced Suspect Interviewing for Narcotics Investigations Course

January 16, 2023

On January 16, ICITAP kicked off the U.S. European Command (EUCOM)-funded Advanced Suspect Interviewing (ASI) for Narcotics Investigations course at the Security Academy in Tirana. ASI was designed by ICITAP staff and is a continuation of the 40-hour basic interviewing course ICITAP provided to all 60 National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Investigators as part of their 2021 and 2022 foundational training. The non-accusatory, information-gathering P.E.A.C.E model is considered to be best practice and suitable for any type of interviewee (victim, witness, or suspect). The basic course, specifically designed to comport with Albanian law, was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback – from instructors, participants, observers, and the prosecutors (whose cases benefit from the product and provided feedback). ASI is a five-day course repeated for 12 weeks to instruct 60 NBI Investigators and approximately 30 Police Oversight Agency Investigators and will have 8-10 students in each class. Scenarios that form the heart of the five-day competence-based learning course are case studies inspired by actual narcotic crimes in Albania, consisting of briefing sheets for the lead investigators, paper exhibits, and scripts for three suspects. Classes will be divided into pairs and each pair allocated a case and tasked with planning their investigation and interviewing three suspects, played by ASP academy students. Interview preparation and documentation will be reviewed, and each student will learn the proper method to video/audio record interviews utilizing equipment ICITAP purchased which is specifically designed to record law enforcement interviews. ICITAP has provided draft copies of all standard operating procedures (SOP) and course materials to the Director of the NBI, SPAK Chief Special Prosecutor, and DG POA for awareness since their personnel will use or formally authorize the practice of video recording suspects. Also, the package includes a newly developed assessment form that will be completed by the instructors and will form part of the final grading report for the NBI Director or POA/ASP Personnel Department.

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