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Kosovo: ICITAP Helps Corrections Personnel Operate More Safely During COVID-19

On May 21, ICITAP-Kosovo reported on how the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and quarantines have required new strategies to replace face-to-face meetings, mentoring and training normally used by advisors to support the host-country government agency. In Kosovo, once telework orders were implemented and the Government of Kosovo restrictions on movement and work were instituted, the ICITAP advisory team supporting Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) and Corrections Intelligence Unit (CIU) began coordinating with the CIU Director, to implement plans for continuing its work developing the intelligence capacity of CIU. The ICITAP CIU team began conducting daily conference calls with the CIU Director to concentrate on a number of intelligence unit framework specific projects that included: a daily systematic review of each section of the new CIU Standard Operating Procedures; formulating new reporting tools to include: a new Field Information Report (for CIU Intelligence Officers to report raw information collected at KCS prisons and detention centers), a new Security Threat Group/Security Threat Validation Report (to document STG inmates) and a Supplemental Report (to support extended intelligence investigations and collection activities). Video conference calls with the entire CIU team were leveraged to carefully review each final report.

Updated August 11, 2023