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Philippines: ICITAP Explores Distance Learning to Support National Police During Country-wide COVID-19 Quarantine

On March 31, the ICITAP-Philippines mission reported on its effort to support the Philippine National Police during the month-long, country-wide COVID-19 quarantine. Most of the Philippine National Police and Regional Special Training Unit staff (RSTU) have been deployed to join in the quarantine enforcement and education efforts in the communities throughout the Philippines. Limited training opportunities are in place, other than supporting the COVID-19 quarantine. During the quarantine, ICITAP is exploring ‘distance learning’ through various platforms, using internet connectivity.  While some possibilities exist and are still being explored, ICITAP-Philippines staff are exploring ‘remodeling’ some existing courses to create modular training with testing after each module presentation. Pilot testing will occur in a yet undetermined RSTU before official launch of the distance learning project.

Updated August 11, 2023