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CRM 1-499

466. Notice—Form R


  1. Pursuant to the Right to Financial Privacy Act, Title 12, United States Code, Section 3415, financial institutions may be reimbursed for necessary costs actually incurred. The Federal Reserve Board has established the following guidelines:
    1. Search and Processing Costs - May be billed at the rate of $2.50 per quarter hour, or fraction thereof, for time spent by employees locating and retrieving documents, reproducing documents, or packaging and preparing documents for shipment. Computer time and necessary supplies may also be billed if itemized separately.
    2. Reproduction Costs - May be billed at a rate of 15 cents per page.
    3. Transportation Costs - May bill for direct costs incurred to transport employees to locate and retrieve material required. May also bill for direct costs incurred in transporting material to location required by legal process.
  2. An itemized bill or invoice must be furnished to the United States Attorney in order to receive reimbursement. However, reimbursement may be made only in connection with the following types of financial records: checking, savings, share, loan or credit account records pertaining to accounts of individuals or partnerships of five or fewer partners. Reimbursement cannot be made for records relating to accounts of;
    1. Corporations
    2. Large Partnerships (6 or more partners)
    3. Associations
    4. Trusts
    5. Government Agencies
    6. Other Legal Entities

You may refer to 12 C.F.R. 219, for more detailed guidelines.