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Criminal Resource Manual

1023. Computer/Telecommunications Coordinator List

Charles R. Niven Alabama, Middle 334-223-7280 AALM01(CNIVEN)
William R. Chambers, Jr. Alabama, Northern 205-731-1785 ALN01(WCHAMBER)
Ginny S. Granade Alabama, Southern 334-441-5845 AALS01(GGRANADE)
Mark A. Rosenbaum Alaska 907-271-5071 AK01(MROSENBA)
Peter Sexton Arizona 602-514-7500 AAZ01(PSEXTON)
Linda B. Lipe Arkansas, Eastern 501-324-6565 AARE01(LLIPE)
Claude S. Hawkins Arkansas, Western 501-783-5125 AARW01(CHAWKINS)
David Schindler California, Central 213-894-0336 ACAC01(DSCHINDL)
Chris Painter California, Central 213-894-0358 ACAC01(CPAINTER)
William J. Portanova California, Eastern 916-554-2700 ACAE01(WPORTANO)
Albert Glenn California, Northern 415-556-1439 ACAN01(AGLENN)
Ross W. Nadel California, Northern 415-436-6878 ACANO1(RNADEL)
Lee Altschuler California, Northern 408-535-5063 ACANSJ01(LALTSCHU)
Mitchell D. Dembin California, Southern 619-557-2968 ACAS01(MDEMBIN)
Mark J. Barrett Colorado 303-844-6377 ACO01(MBARRETT)
Andrew A. Vogt Colorado 303-844-6377 ACO01(AVOGT)
Tom Murphy Connecticut 203-773-2108 ACT01(TMURPHY)
Edmond Falgowski Delaware 302-573-6277 ADE01(EFALGOWS)
William S. Block District of Columbia 202-514-6957 ADCO1(BBLOCK)
Ernest Paluso Florida, Middle 813-274-6000 AFLMO01(EPALUSO)
Michael T. Simpson Florida, Northern 904-942-8430 AFLN01(MSIMPSON)
Richard D. Boscovich Florida, Southern 305-536-4034 AFLS02(RBOSCOVI)
Sharon T. Ratley Georgia, Middle 912-752-3511 AGAM01(SRATLEY)
Randy Chartash Georgia, Northern 404-581-6009 AGAN01(RCHARTAS)
Jeffrey J. Buerstatt Georgia, Southern 912-652-4422 AGAS01(JBUERSTA)
Mikel W. Schwab Guam 671-472-7332 AGU01(MSCHWAB)
Omer G. Poirier Hawaii 808-541-2850 AHI01(OPOIRIER)
Jack B. Haycock Idaho 208-334-1211 AID01(JHAYCOCK)
Rodger A. Heaton Illinois, Central 217-492-4450 AILC01(RHEATON)
Colleen Coughlin Illinois, Northern 312-886-7639 AILN02(CCOUGHLI)
Miriam Miquelon Illinois, Southern 618-628-3700 AILS01(MMIQUELO)
Diane L. Berkowitz Indiana, Northern 219-322-8576 AINN01(DBERKOWI)
Steven D. DeBrota Indiana, Southern 317-226-6333 AINS01(SDEBROTA)
Rodger E. Overholser Iowa, Northern 319-363-0091 AIAN01(ROVERHOL)
Ed Kelly Iowa, Southern 515-284-6257 AIAS01(EKELLY)
Richard L. Richards Iowa, Southern 515-284-6257 AIAS01(RRICHARD)
Kurt J. Shernuk Kansas 913-551-6730 AKSK01(KSHERNUK)
Thomas L. Self Kentucky, Eastern 606-233-2661 AKYE01(TSELF)
Brian Davis Kentucky, Western 502-582-6992 AKYW01(BDAVIS)
Marisa Ford Kentucky, Western 502-582-5911 AKYW01(MFORD)
James R. Mann Louisiana, Eastern 504-589-4345 ALAE01(JRMANN)
M. Patricia Jones Louisiana, Middle 504-389-0443 ALAM01(MJONES)
Brett L. Grayson Louisiana, Western 318-262-6618 ALAWL01(BGRAYSON)
Paula D. Silsby Maine 207-780-3257 AME01(PSILSBY)
Stuart Berman Maryland 301-344-4031 AMDG01(SBERMAN)
Stephen P. Heymann Massachusetts 617-223-4607 AMA01(SHEYMANN)
Jeanne Kempthorne Massachusetts 617-223-9468 AMA01(JKEMPTHO)
Sheldon N. Light Michigan, Eastern 313-226-9732 AMIE01(SLIGHT)
Richard Murray Michigan, Western 616-456-2404 (Grand Rapids) Ext. 3058 AMIW01(RMURRAY)
Lloyd Meyer Michigan, Western 906-226-3700 (Marquette) AMIWM01(LMEYER)
Frank Magill Minnesota 612-348-1562 AMN01(FMAGILL)
Paul D. Roberts Mississippi, Northern 601-234-3351 AMSN01(PROBERTS)
Don Burkhalter Mississippi, Southern 601-965-4490 AMSS01(DBURKHAL)
Patricia (Trish) A. McGarry Missouri, Eastern 314-539-2200 Ext. 401 AMOE01(PMCGARRY)
David C. Jones Missouri, Western 417-831-4406 AMOWS01(DJONES)
James E. Seykora Montana 406-657-6101 AMT01(JSEYKORA)
Daniel Morris Nebraska 402-221-4774 ANE01(DMORRIS)
Camille W. Damm Nevada 702-388-6336 ANV01(CWINTCH)
Peter E. Papps New Hampshire 603-225-1552 ANH01(PPAPPS)
Aidan O'Connor New Jersey 201-645-2742 ANJ01(AOCONNOR)
Robert D. Kimball New Mexico 505-766-3341 ANM01(RKIMBALL)
Ed Real New York, Eastern 718-254-6135 ANYE03(EREAL)
Andrew T. Baxter New York, Northern 315-448-0672 ANYN01(ABAXTER)
John M. McEnany New York, Southern 212-791-0060 ANYS01(JMCENANY)
Martin J. Littlefield New York, Western 716-551-4811 Ext. 829 ANYW01(MLITTLEF)
Tom Murphy North Carolina, Eastern 919-856-4318 ANCE01(TMURPHY)
Scott P. Mebane North Carolina, Middle 910-333-5351 ANCM01(SMEBANE)
Frank D. Whitney North Carolina, Western 704-344-6222 ANCWC01(FWHITNEY)
Dennis D. Fisher North Dakota 701-239-5671 AND01(DFISHER)
Nancy Vecchiarelli Ohio, Northern 216-622-3767 AOHN01(NVECCHIA)
Robert Kern Ohio, Northern 216-622-3836 AOHN01(RKERN)
Robert Behlen Ohio, Southern 513-684-3711 AOHSC01(RBEHLEN)
D. Michael Littlefield Oklahoma, Eastern 918-684-5100 AOKE01(MLITTLEF)
Susan K. Morgan Oklahoma, Northern 918-581-7463 AOKN01(SMORGAN)
Barbara Poarch Oklahoma, Western 405-231-5281Ext. 228 AOKW01(BPOARCH)
Lance Caldwell Oregon 503-727-1011 AOR01(LCALDWEL)
Richard W. Goldberg Pennsylvania, Eastern 215-451-5439 APAE01(GOLDBERG)
Dennis C. Pfannenschmidt Pennsylvania, Middle 717-782-4482 APAMH01(DPFANNEN)
Paul E. Hull Pennsylvania, Western 412-644-3519 APAW01(PHULL)
Cynthia R. Eddy Pennsylvania, Western 412-644-4634 APAW01(CEDDY)
Stephen Moldrow Puerto Rico 809-282-1813 APR01(WMOLDROW)
Ira Belkin Rhode Island 401-528-5477 ARI01(IBELKIN)
Dean A. Eichelberger South Carolina 803-929-3040 ACS01(DEICHELB)
David Zuercher South Dakota 605-224-5402 ASDP01(TMCBRIDE)
John P. MacCoon Tennessee, Eastern 615-752-5140 ATNEC01(JMACCOON)
Byron Jones Tennessee, Middle 615-736-5151 ATNM01(BJONES)
Dan L. Newsom Tennessee, Western 901-544-4231 ATN01(DNEWSOM)
Paul Naman Texas, Eastern 409-839-5238 ATXE01(PNAMAN)
Lynn Hastings Texas, Northern 214-767-0959 ATXND01(LHASTING)
Richard Berry Texas, Southern 713-567-9380 ATXS01(RBERRY)
Joseph H. Gay, Jr. Texas, Western 210-308-3506 ATXW01(JGAY)
Elizabethanne Stevens Utah 801-524-5912 AUT01(ESTEVENS)
Paul J. Van de Graaf Vermont 802-951-6725 AVT01(PVANDEGR)
John (Jack) Hanly Virginia, Eastern 703-299-3700 AVAE01(JHANLY)
Ray (Rusty) B. Fitzgerald, Jr. Virginia, Western 703-857-2878 AVAW01(RFITZGER)
Kim L. Chisholm Virgin Islands 809-774-5757 AVI01(KCHISHOL)
Tom Rice Washington, Eastern 509-353-2767 AWAE01(TRICE)
Stephen C. Schroeder Washington, Western 206-553-4098 AWAW01(SSCHROED)
Sharon L. Potter West Virginia, Northern 304-232-4026 AWVN01(SPOTTER)
Hunter P. Smith, Jr. West Virginia, Southern 304-345-2200 AWVS01(HSMITH)
Eric Klumb Wisconsin, Eastern 414-297-1700 AWIE01(EKLUMB)
Timothy M. O'Shea Wisconsin, Western 608-264-5158 AWIW01(TOSHEA)
John Masterson Wyoming 307-772-2124 AWY01(JMASTERS)


[cited in USAM 9-48.000]

Mike Heineman OIA 202-616-0548 CRM03(HEINEMAN)