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As the Central Authority under the Hague Evidence Convention, the OIJA processes Letters of Request issued by a foreign judicial authority for the collection of evidence, whether documentary or testimonial, in the United States.  As such, the OIJA does not process or otherwise review Letters of Request or Letters Rogatory for the collection of evidence in a foreign state, whether under the Hague Evidence Convention or through diplomatic channels.  Litigants seeking evidence from a foreign country that is a member of the Hague Evidence Convention should consult with that country’s Central Authority.  A list of Central Authorities is found on the Hague Evidence Convention website.

As discussed under Service, the OIJA, by way of its contractor, plays a very limited role in the service of documents upon persons or entities in foreign countries in relation to litigation in the United States.  It is the sole responsibility of the parties within the United States to make all arrangements for the service of documents outside of the United States under the Hague Service Convention or as a matter of comity.  Although outgoing service requests pursuant the Inter-American Convention must flow from the OIJA, by way of its contractor PFI, the parties retain responsibility for any substantive requirements.  To assist in the identification of the appropriate Central Authority, we refer litigants to the Hague Service Conference website.  The Department of State also maintains information litigants may find useful. 

Queries from other Central Authorities about common interpretation or execution issues may be directed to the OIJA through email to Our mailing address may be found under Contact Us.



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