Office of International Affairs (OIA)

Office of International Affairs (OIA)

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Our Mission

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) returns fugitives to face justice and obtains essential evidence for criminal investigations and prosecutions worldwide by working with domestic partners and foreign counterparts to facilitate the cooperation necessary to enforce the law, advance public safety, and achieve justice.  

Our Work

OIA is focused on fighting crime at home and abroad by ensuring criminals are held accountable for their actions regardless of where in the world they may be hiding. As DOJ’s nerve center for international criminal law enforcement coordination, OIA fulfills its mission by extraditing and removing fugitives, gathering international evidence, providing legal advice to DOJ leadership and prosecutors, and negotiating and implementing treaties.

Extradition and Removal of Fugitives: OIA plays a central role in apprehending and returning fugitives from justice to hold them accountable for their crimes. Using all the legal tools at its disposal—extradition, deportation, and other lawful measures—OIA works with domestic and foreign partners to extradite or lawfully remove criminals sought for prosecution in the United States or abroad for a wide variety of serious offenses, including violent crime.

International Assistance and Evidence Gathering: As the U.S. Central Authority, OIA employs a vast network of international relationships and treaties to obtain essential evidence located abroad, seek the return of assets to the United States, and secure other assistance necessary for successful U.S. criminal investigations and prosecutions. OIA also enhances our foreign partners’ ability to investigate and prosecute crime abroad by providing them with U.S. evidence and other assistance.

Legal Advice to DOJ Leadership & Prosecutors: OIA is DOJ’s primary expert on international criminal matters, providing legal and strategic guidance to DOJ leadership with respect to present and future challenges in international criminal law enforcement. OIA attorneys also advise federal and state prosecutors regarding novel and complex legal issues that arise in litigation and stem from the international aspects of their prosecutions.

International Relations and Treaty Matters: OIA attorneys participate in a multitude of international fora to represent the U.S. government’s interests in the formulation of global law enforcement strategies. OIA also establishes relationships with foreign counterparts necessary to effectively fulfill U.S. treaty obligations and support criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Our Team

OIA is made up of a diverse group of experienced professionals, including many federal and former state prosecutors.  OIA is organized into regional teams that cover geographical areas of the world, and specialized teams that handle issues and case work requiring subject-matter expertise.  The teams have expertise in a range of policy, legislative, and litigation issues concerning international criminal investigation and prosecution.

Our Partners

Cooperation with domestic and foreign partners is critical to the success of our mission. OIA works closely with state and local law enforcement, various DOJ components, U.S. government agencies, and foreign authorities. OIA relies on this vast network of key partners to build cases and hold criminals accountable in the successful pursuit of justice.


Vaughn A. Ary
Director, Office of International Affairs


The re-delegation of authority for OIA’s Associate Directors to sign outgoing MLA requests was published in the Federal Register on May 21, 2018.  Our notice to central authority partners may be found here.