2021 National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action

Court Documents:

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Please note the court documents below have all been unsealed.

Case Name USAO District   # of Defendants Defendant(s) Name Charging Document
U.S. v. Thropay, et al CDCA   3 Arutyun Karkostyan
Patricia Moreira
Raul Sison
Superseding Indictment
U.S. v. Tabibian, et al CDCA   2 Bahram Tabibian
Haykush Grigoryan
U.S. v. Grigor Garibyan CDCA   1 Grigor Garibyan Indictment
U.S. v. Gurgen Iseayelan CDCA   1 Gurgen Israyelan Indictment
U.S. v. Karen Sarkisyan CDCA   1 Karen Sarkisyan Indictment
U.S. v. Raphael Tomas Malikian CDCA   1 Raphael Tomas Malikian Indictment
U.S. v. Dale Henson, et al DAZ   2 Dale Henson
Zoila Henson
U.S. v. Robert M. Cao DDC   1 Robert M. Cao, Jr. Complaint
U.S. v. Sulzman, et al DKS   2 David Sulzman
Martin Sulzman
U.S. v. Chin, et al DMA   3 Kingsley R. Chin
Aditya Humad
Spinefrontier, Inc.,
U.S. v. Warren Paul Fox DMD   1 Warren Fox Indictment
U.S. v. April Seifert DNJ   1 April Seifert Indictment
U.S. v. Nelson Giraldo     DNJ   1 Nelson Giraldo     Information
U.S. v. Diego Pancha Valencia DNJ   1 Diego Pancha Valencia Information
U.S. v. Elijua Watson DNJ   1 Elijua Watson Information
U.S. v. Shauntae Walker DNJ   1 Shauntae Walker Indictment
U.S. v. Creaghan Harry DNJ   1 Creaghan Harry Superseding Indictment
U.S. v. Alexander Istomin DRI   1 Alexander Istomin Indictment
U.S. v. Carole Sachs EDCA   1 Carole Sachs Indictment
U.S. v. Adrian Talbot EDLA   1 Adrian Talbot Indictment
U.S. v. Chevette Austin EDLA   1 Chevette Austin Information
U.S. v. Bruce Davidson EDLA   1 Bruce Davidson Information
U.S. v. Ankit Patel EDMI   1 Ankit Patel Indictment
U.S. v. Leila Fawaz EDMI   1 Leila H. Fawaz Indictment
U.S. v. Youssef Berri EDMI   1 Youssef Abbas Berri Sr Indictment
U.S. v. LaTonya Richarcdson-Brown EDMI   1 LaTonya Richardson-Brown Information
U.S. v. Rodriguez Leal, et al EDMI   3 Victor Rodriguez Leal
Luis Alberto Cecilia Fernandez
Michael Morera Fernandez 
U.S. v. David Judd EDMI   1 David Judd Indictment
U.S. v. Obiageli Ezeanya EDMI   1 Obiageli Ezeanya Information
U.S. v. Rebecca Wells EDMI   1 Rebecca Wells Indictment
US v. Auday Maki, et al EDMI   2 Eduardo Abellana
Auday Maki
Superseding Indictment
US v. Emilio Berrios-Antuna EDMI     Emilio Berrios-Antuna Superseding Indictment
US v. Shafaq Ullah, et al EDMI   2 Shafaq Ullah
Wasat Ullah
U.S. v. Scott T. Roethle, M.D. EDMO   1 Scott T. Roethle Indictment
U.S. v. Matthew Miller, D.O. EDMO   1 Matthew Miller Indictment
US v. Katie Diana Rooney EDMO   1 Katie Diane Rooney Indictment
U.S. v. Barry Arnold EDNY   1 Barry Arnold Indictment
US v. Daniel Owens EDPA   1 Daniel Owens Information
US v. Churchill, et al EDTX   4 Steven Churchill
Samson Solomon
David Warren
Daniel Stadtman    
Superseding Indictment
US v. Sauveur Blanchard EDVA   1 Sauveur Blanchard Indictment
US v. Wexler et al MDFL   2 Paul Wexler
Paul Bleignier
US v. Wilks et al MDLA   2 Terry Steven Wilks, Jr. Indictment
  MDLA     Leslie Amanda McHugh  
US v. Javed  Wahab NDCA   1 Javed Wahab Indictment
US v. Veronica Katz et al. NDCA   2 Veronica Katz
Venessa Herrera    
US v. Brian Sperber NDGA   1 Brian Sperber Indictment
U.S. v. John Awah, et al NDIL   1 John Awah Indictment
US v. Robbin Lewis NDIL   1 Robbin Lewis Information
U.S. v Tangtang Zhao NDIL   1 Tangtang Zhao Indictment
U.S. v. Gurucharan Dua NDIL   1 Gurucharan Dua Indictment
US v. Powell, et al NDTX   2 Clifford Powell
Christian Arendt
US v. Young NDTX   1 David M. Young MD Indictment
US v. Marshall NDTX   1 Raymond Marshall Indictment
US v. Grisham, et al NDTX   2 John Grisham Indictment
  NDTX     Rob Wilburn  
U.S. v. Stroud et al NDTX   3 Kenric Griffin
Bobbi Stroud
Bruce Stroud
Superseding Indictment
U.S. v. Jacque Phillips-Brown NDWV   1 Jacque Phillips Indictment
US v. Roselia Kubeck, et al SDCA   2 Roselia Kubeck Information
  SDCA     Rosario Gonzalez  
US v. Charles Green, et al. SDCA   2 Charles Ronald Green, Jr. Superseding Information
  SDCA     Melinda Elizabeth Green  
US v. Ricardo Serret, et al SDFL   2 Ricardo Serret Information
  SDFL     Beatriz Mieres  
US v. Haber et al SDFL   2 Harold Haber Information
  SDFL     Harold Haber, Jr.  
US v. Rene Rodriguez SDFL   1 Rene Rodriguez Information
US v. Nancy Leonor Garcia SDFL   1 Nancy Garcia Information
US v. Angelita Nicolas SDFL   1 Angelita Nicolas Information
US v. Waxman, et al SDFL   5 Jeffrey Waxman
Umut Vardar
Lawrence Alexander
Ronald Davidovic
Dean Zusmer
US v. Steve Caplan SDFL   1 Steve Caplan Information
US v. Mark Zager SDFL   1 Mark Zager Information
US v. Christina Pawlak SDFL   1 Christina Pawlak Information
US v. Glenda Stockton SDFL   1 Glenda Stockton Information
US v. Frank Biano SDFL   1 Frank Bianco Information
US v. Aillyn Aulov SDFL   1 Aillyn Aulov Information
US v. William Hyman SDFL   1 Bill Hyman Information
US v. Sean Deegan SDFL   1 Sean Deegan Information
US v. Shawn Griner SDFL   1 Shawn Griner Information
US v. Giulio Staiano SDFL   1 Guilio Staiano Information
US v. Michael Dinnen SDFL   1 Michael Dinnen Information
US v. Robert Goff SDFL   1 Robert Goff Information
US v. Alexi Bethel SDFL   1 Alexi Bethel Information
US v. Denise Trotta SDFL   1 Denise Trotta Indictment
US v. John Mamone, et al SDFL   3 John Mamone
John Anthony Mamone
Joseph Mamone
US v. Kristin Orta SDFL   1 Kristin Orta Information
US v. Nicholas Pape, et al SDFL   2 Nick Jenkins
Nick Pape
US v. Francisco Ocasio SDFL   1 Francisco Ocasio Information
US v. Gustavo Geraldes SDFL   1 Gustavo Geraldes Complaint
US v. Angel Pimentel SDFL   1 Angel Pimentel Indictment
US v. Julio Cesar Betancourt SDFL   1 Julio Betancourt Information
US v. Michael Marcelus Mogollon SDFL   1 Michael Mogollon Information
US v. Jorget Luis Taboada SDFL   1 Jorge Taboada Information
US v. Greisy Rosario Varona Docasal SDFL   1 Greisy Varona Indictment
US v. Jorge Luis Lopez Pena SDFL   1 Jorge Lopez Pena Information
US v. Patricia Cleary SDFL   1 Patricia M. Cleary Indictment
US v. Mayra Gonzalez Chavino SDFL   1 Mayara Chaviano  Information
US v Liliana Liseth Duarte SDFL   1 Liliana Duarte Information
US v. Edward Pizzi SDFL   1 Edward Pizzi Information
US v. Rickey Herbert Delancey, Jr. SDFL   1 Ricky Delancey Jr. Indictment
US v. Mayra De La Paz SDFL   1 Mayra De La Paz Information
U.S. v. Jason Kashou SDFL   1 Jason Kashou Information
US v. Siveter et al SDGA   2 William J. Siveter
James D. Egan
US v. Wallace Anderson et al SDGA     Wallace Steven Anderson Indictment
  SDGA     Wandle Keith Butler  
  SDGA     Bridgette Stephanie Taylor   
US v. James William Byrd SDGA   1 James Byrd Indictment
U.S. v. Michael Sayegh SDOH   1 Michael Sayegh Indictment
U.S. v. Nathanael Thompson, et al SDOH   2 Nathanael Thompson
Sanam Ahmad
U.S. v. Alexander Otellin SDWV   1 Alexander Otellin  Complaint
US v. Glenn Pair WDNC   1 Glenn Pair Information
US v. James Heroman WDNC   1 James Heroman Information
US v. Nathan Lucas WDTN   1 Nathan Lucas Indictment
Us v. Zenia Chavez et al WDTX   2 Zenia Chavez
Raul Fuentes


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