Interagency Working Groups

Disaster Fraud Task Force:

The Fraud Section spearheads strategic enforcement initiatives to combat fraud stemming from disasters and related relief efforts. In FY 06, the Section led the establishment and operation of the Hurricane Katrina Task Force Command Center, which coordinates and supports multiagency efforts to collect information, reports, and complaints and to generate referrals concerning disaster-related fraud, including charity fraud, identity theft, emergency-benefit fraud, procurement fraud, and public corruption. The Section also spearheads interagency coordination with the Inspector General community, investigative agencies, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency on critical enforcement issues.

Identity Theft Task Force:

In FY 06, President Bush established the Identity Theft Task Force, which subsumed the identity (ID) theft group chaired by the Fraud Section. Since 1999, when that initial ID theft group was formed, the Section has led the Department's interagency cooperation and communication efforts in ID theft enforcement. The Section also provides leadership and expertise in the Task Force's Criminal Law Enforcement Subgroup.

Securities and Commodities Fraud Working Group:

This group, chaired by the Fraud Section, provides a forum for the enforcement community to exchange information on developing trends, new laws and regulations, and law enforcement issues and techniques. Participants include representatives from U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies; securities and commodities regulatory agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; securities and commodities exchange self-regulatory organizations; and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.

Interagency Bank Fraud Enforcement Working Group (BFWG):

The BFWG is chaired by the Fraud Section. It was formed in 1984 and continues to promote enhanced coordination and communication between the federal law enforcement and regulatory communities.

Mortgage Fraud Working Group:

The Mortgage Fraud Working Group, a subgroup of the BFWG created in 2007, is chaired by the Fraud Section. It acts as a coordinating body that explores important issues regarding mortgage and subprime lending fraud and, as appropriate, refers issues to the BFWG for further consideration.

Mass-Marketing Fraud Working Group:

This national, multiagency working group, chaired by the Fraud Section, provides a forum for fostering interagency coordination and exchanging information and ideas on telemarketing and Internet fraud law enforcement. Telemarketing fraud is estimated to cost U.S. consumers billions of dollars per year. Concentrated in U.S. urban areas and in foreign countries, fraudulent telemarketers contact prospective victims throughout the United States. Many operations target senior citizens, often causing victims to lose their life savings and to suffer financial ruin. Internet fraud schemes often operate from outside the United States, requiring the Section to play a key role in facilitating international law enforcement initiatives and cooperation.

Updated February 29, 2016