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Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section (HRSP)


The Human Rights and Special Prosecutions Section (HRSP) primarily investigates and prosecutes cases against human rights violators and other international criminals. HRSP investigates and prosecutes human rights violators for genocide, torture, war crimes, recruitment or use of child soldiers, female genital mutilation, and for immigration and naturalization fraud arising out of efforts to hide their involvement in such crimes. 

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Hope Olds

Michael Sheckels
Principal Deputy

Rami Badawy
Deputy Chief (Human Smuggling)

Courtney Spivey Urschel
Deputy Chief (Human Rights)

Jay Bauer
Deputy Chief (International Violent Crime)


HRSP Direct Line

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Our Mission

HRSP's responsibilities include enforcing federal criminal laws relating to:

  • Serious human rights violations such as torture, genocide, war crimes, female genital mutilation, and recruitment or use of child soldiers and immigrations and naturalization fraud crimes involving concealment of past human rights abuses;
  • International human smuggling and other immigration-related offenses; and
  • International violent crimes, particularly those involving U.S. government employees and contractors overseas.