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Asia and Pacific

In the Asia and the Pacific region, the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP) is helping police forces adapt to a wide range of contemporary law enforcement challenges. A major focus of ICITAP's programs in the region is supporting efforts to combat terrorism and transnational criminal enterprises through building capacity to conduct complex criminal investigations.

The trans-border nature of these challenges has led ICITAP to embrace a regional approach in many of its assistance programs throughout Asia and the Pacific. For instance, ICITAP participates in the DOD-funded, interagency Southeast Asia Tri-border Initiative (SATI) to deter terrorist recruitment and deny terrorists sanctuary in Indonesia and Malaysia.

ICITAP programs in the Asia and Pacific region are funded by the State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), the State Department's Bureau of Counterterrorism, the U.S. Agency for International Development, and the Department of Defense.

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Current Programs


ICITAP’s mission in Bangladesh began in 2003. Today, ICITAP works to help the police be more effective in combating crime and extremism and strengthen governance in vulnerable areas. The program incorporates a strong community engagement and human rights philosophy in all of its training efforts in order to help support the development of positive police-community relationships. Programs include curriculum development and training for the Bangladesh Police Academy, train-the-trainer for host nation instructors, women in law enforcement leadership development, K9 explosive detection training, and counternarcotic mentorship. Additionally, ICITAP assisted efforts to identify, deter, and disrupt terrorism by building the capacity of counterterrorism units, corrections institutions, and public information offices.


ICITAP began working in Indonesia in 2000 to assist the national police to transition from a military to a civilian law enforcement agency. Today, the program is ICITAP’s largest police assistance effort in Asia and provides organizational development, system and policy enhancement, training, technical assistance, and limited equipment donations to the Indonesian National Police (INP). ICITAP also supports the development of several other Indonesian law enforcement agencies and ministries, including the Financial Reporting and Transaction Analysis Center; and the Ministries of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, Law & Human Rights, Women & Children’s Affairs, and Women’s Empowerment. ICITAP also works with the Directorate General of Corrections on the development and implementation of risk management strategies for the management of terrorists and other high-risk inmates. Efforts include the development and training of teams for intelligence and crisis response.


ICITAP has worked in Nepal since 2007, providing technical assistance, training, and equipment for the Nepal Police (NP) and Armed Police Force (APF). ICITAP’s program focuses on assisting Nepal in developing new provincial police organizations by focusing on police leadership, culture and education; increasing police capabilities to investigate those responsible for organized crime, cybercrime, human and wildlife trafficking, and other serious crimes; improve and enhance Nepal Police Forensic capabilities; enhance border security training.


Since 2002, ICITAP has been working to increase the capacity of Pakistan's law enforcement agencies to combat major criminal activities and terrorist threats. ICITAP trained all ranks of the Pakistan police force in modern policing practices. ICITAP worked closely with Federal Bureau of Investigation; the State Department's Anti-Terrorism Training program; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to develop programs designed to address the threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). ICITAP now focuses on increasing Pakistan’s capacity to prevent and investigate money laundering and financing of terrorism.


ICITAP's program in the Philippines began in 2006 with an emphasis on helping the Philippine National Police (PNP) as they transitioned from a military constabulary force to a wholly civilian police force. ICITAP developed 26 model police stations across the country, initiated and equipped a modern crime laboratory in the conflict area of Mindanao, and supported the maritime police by providing boats, equipment, and specialized training. Today’s focus is on developing PNP training institutions, including the Philippine National Police Academy and the National Police College, and the Directorate of Human Resources Doctrine Development, Training Services, while providing assistance to significantly build organizational capacity of the Internal Affairs Service as well as within the Salaam Community Police, under the Directorate of Police Community Relations. Technical and specialty assistance is currently provided to the Anti-Money Laundering Council increasing capabilities to identify and counter-terrorist financing. ICITAP-Philippines is also now working with the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) to strengthen security and programs within their terrorist incarceration unit, including establishing a case management system, building on the intelligence gathering procedures, and strengthening security for high-risk detainees.

New Programs in 2021


ICITAP’s program in the Maldives is starting in 2021. The counterterrorism-focused programs include work with the Maldives Police Service (MPS), Maldivian Monetary Authority (MMA), and Maldives Corrections Service (MCS). ICITAP assists these entities to identify, investigate, and disrupt money laundering and terrorist financing, and encourage increased communication between law enforcement and prosecutors. Additionally, ICITAP works with the correction service to disengage terrorist offenders and develop classification and risk assessments.

Sri Lanka

ICITAP’s program in Sri Lanka is starting in 2021. This law enforcement reform program includes work with the Sri Lankan Police on curriculum and train-the-trainer courses to improve their capacity for investigations and ensure sustainability. ICITAP’s program is focused on counternarcotic investigations, cybercrime, child exploitation awareness. ICITAP is also working to develop specialized units and investigators with the skills needed for these areas of expertise.

Selected Past Programs


In 2015, ICITAP concluded a Department of Defense-funded program with the Afghan counter narcotics police. ICITAP assisted in the implementation of a sustainable development strategy focusing on basic skills, counter narcotics tactics, leadership, policy development, and administration.


From 2015 to 2017, ICITAP delivered a forensic assistance program to assist the government as well as private DNA laboratories to build their capacity to use DNA in the identification of unidentified war-era remains. There are over 300,000 unidentified remains in government cemeteries as a legacy of the Vietnam War.

Updated November 14, 2023