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Bangladesh: Bangladesh Police Special Branch Headquarters Holds Ceremony for ICITAP-Supported Children’s Day Care Center Grand Opening

On April 11, ICITAP-Bangladesh’s Law Enforcement Assistance Attaché and Program Management Specialist were invited to attend the Opening Ceremony for the newly completed Special Branch HQ Children’s Day Care Center. To better support improved working conditions and opportunities for women officers, ICITAP provided the habitability refurbishments within Special Branch HQ, allowing for the establishment of a secure and child-friendly facility for the families serving within Special Branch.  This facility was designed to serve the needs of both male and female officer’s families, however, the predominant outcry for the establishment of this facility came from women officer organizations. While ICITAP provided the logistical and equipment contributions for this effort, day-to-day operational funding was ultimately approved by the Minister of State, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, who provided the funds necessary to hire and pay staff for the facility.  This event was attended by over 250 representatives, with speeches provided by the Inspector General of Police, the Chief of Special Branch, the Secretary of Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, and President of Bangladesh Police Women’s Network.  Guests were also entertained by a group of day care children, who performed a short play which depicted the importance of the day care center. In the closing of the ceremony, official recognition for each group’s contributions was recognized, with ICITAP being invited on stage to receive official recognition for their assistance and valued, long-term partnership.

Updated August 11, 2023