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Ukraine: ICITAP-Supported Kyiv Patrol Police Academy Receives Top Award at International Exhibition

On May 28, the Kyiv Patrol Police Academy (PPA) of Ukraine received a top award in educational excellence at the annual international exhibition “Modern Educational Institutions, World Edu” in Kyiv, Ukraine. Between May 26 to 28, ICITAP sponsored the attendance of representatives of all three PPA locations – Kyiv, Rivne, and Kryvyi Rih – at the event, which brought together educational institutions and experts from across Ukraine and internationally to present their latest work and developments, network, and hold workshops. Participants also had the chance to win various awards for excellence in education. The Kyiv PPA received the top award for Leadership in Professional (Vocational) Education for their innovations and achievements, mainly due to the new Problem-Based Learning (PBL) curriculum. ICITAP has helped develop this curriculum with the PPA alongside our Canadian partners. The six-month PBL curriculum will be piloted at the Kyiv PPA in late June, making the Academy the only law enforcement training institution in the region to implement this style of instruction. Also, instructors from all three locations conducted workshops on firearms, hand-to-hand defensive tactics, and first aid.

Updated August 11, 2023