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United States v. Jeffrey Robert Bonner, et al.


United States v. Jeffrey Robert Bonner, et al.
According to the indictment, Jeffrey Robert Bonner owned and operated “call centers,” or boiler rooms, located in San Jose, Costa Rica, which he and his co-defendants and co-conspirators used to defraud United States residents, typically over the age of 55, by deceiving them into believing that they had won prizes in a “sweepstakes contest.” The indictment alleges that Bonner, Burgsteiner, Shephard, and their co-conspirators made calls to victims from Costa Rica using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which utilizes computers to make telephone calls over the Internet, thereby disguising the originating location of the calls.

Case Open Date
  • Costa Rica
  • sweepstakes
Updated September 27, 2023