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In our new electronic library you can read our most popular documents from the comfort of your own computer. This includes frequently requested records, congressional reports, policy statements, and staff manuals created by the Criminal Division after November 1, 1996.





FOIA Resources:

The DOJ Reference Guide is a comprehensive guide to the FOIA that serves as a handbook for obtaining information from the Department. Furthermore, provides additional details about the FOIA, including a description of the FOIA's Exemptions and Exclusions.

To access Criminal Division publications and documents, go to the pertinent component to find materials that are publicly available online.

Criminal Division Organization Chart:

Multitrack processing:

FOIA requests are placed in one of three tracks. Track one is for those requests which seek and receive expedited processing pursuant to subsection (a)(6)(E) of the FOIA. The second track is for those requests which do not involve voluminous records or lengthy consultations with other entities. Track three is for those requests which involve voluminous records and for which lengthy or numerous consultations are required, or those requests which may involve sensitive records.

Major Information Systems:

Updated November 27, 2018

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