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Submit And Track A Request Or Appeal Or Appeal

Use this portal to submit the following types of requests:

Freedom of Information Act Request (for Department of Justice records on any given topic)

Privacy Act Request (for Department of Justice records concerning yourself)

For the Department of Justice's Office(s) of:

The Attorney General
The Deputy Attorney General
The Associate Attorney General
Legislative Affairs
Public Affairs
Legal Policy
Information Policy

You may also use this tool to submit a FOIA or Privacy Act Administrative Appeal.

Submit a request to a different DOJ component | Submit a request to another government agency

To see what documents and information have already been made available, check the Department's FOIA Libraries or search across all federal government agency websites on

For information on the procedures for the submission and processing of FOIA requests at the Department, please visit the Make a FOIA Request to DOJ page, or you can read through the DOJ FOIA Reference Guide.

Using the Online Request Form

If you would like to submit a request or appeal through this portal, the first step is to set up a personal account. You will be asked to provide your name and contact information and to create a unique password for this portal. Your user account will allow you to log into this portal and track your requests or appeals that you have submitted through this online tool. When you submit a request or appeal through this online request form, you will communicate through your online account.

When you make your request or appeal, your account will be updated with an individualized tracking number. You will also receive an electronic acknowledgment letter. As your request or appeal is processed, the status of your request or appeal will be updated in your account. You can access your account at any time to check the status of your request or appeal. When a final determination is made in response to your request or appeal, OIP will post an electronic copy of its response letter and any responsive documents in your account. OIP may also communicate with you via e-mail in order to provide interim responses or other updates on your request, or for any matters that require your input or clarification.

If you prefer not to use this capability you may still submit your request or appeal by mail or fax.

  • Submit and Track a FOIA Request

    Describe in detail the type of records you seek and provide any additional information that could enable us to more efficiently process your request, including, if possible, the time periods in which you believe the records were created or compiled, and the name(s) of the Department of Justice component(s) whose records you seek.

    Submit and track a FOIA Request

  • Submit and Track a Privacy Act Request

    To protect your privacy, when you request records about yourself, you are required to verify your identity. This portal does not accept verification of identity materials. If you use this system, you will need to supplement your online request. There are two ways to do this.

    You may (1) submit your request through this portal now, after which you will be provided with specific instructions for verifying your identity, or (2) mail or fax one of the following, with your tracking number clearly written on it:

    a signed Form DOJ-361.


    a letter including your full name, current address, date and place of birth and your notarized signature.


    a letter including your full name, current address, and date and place of birth. Sign the letter and include the following words: "I declare under penalty of perjury."

    Once your verification of identity is received, we will begin to process your request. You will then be able to check the status of your request and will receive any responsive documents electronically.

    Submit and Track a Privacy Act Request

  • Submit and Track an Administrative Appeal

    Administrative appeals are processed from any adverse determination made pursuant to the FOIA and/or Privacy Act for all Department of Justice components except the United States Parole Commission.

    When submitting an administrative appeal, you must provide the identity of the component of the Department of Justice whose action you are appealing. You should also provide the initial request number assigned by the component for the determination that you are appealing (if known). Your appeal must be received within sixty (60) days of the date of the letter denying your request.

    Submit and Track an Administrative Appeal

Updated November 27, 2020