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FBI Updates the Hate Crime Training Manual

Hate Crime Uniform Crime Reporting Graphic

On January 1, 2021, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program retired the Summary Reporting System (SRS) and transitioned to collecting crime data solely through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). This transition provides more detailed and complete crime statistics to law enforcement, the public, and community leaders. As a result, the FBI also revised the Hate Crime Data Collection Guidelines and Training Manual to reflect these and other changes.

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This publication is intended to assist law enforcement agencies in collecting and submitting hate crime data to the FBI UCR Program. In addition to providing suggested model reporting procedures and training aids for capturing the bias motivations, the manual is written to raise law enforcement officers’ awareness of the national hate crime problem.


  • Criteria of a hate crime
  • Definitions of bias motivations and NIBRS offenses
  • Bias scenarios
  • Submission guidelines
  • Learning modules for recognizing and reporting hate crimes
  • Guidelines for interacting with victims during an investigation

  • The UCR Program removed all information for reporting hate crime data via the SRS.
  • The FBI added offenses specific to federal and tribal law enforcement agencies to the manual.

  • Yes, due to the rise in bias crimes/incidents directed at the Asian American and Pacific Islander community during the Coronavirus pandemic, the FBI incorporated anti-Asian training scenarios into the training manual.

  • Yes, the FBI incorporated non-binary verbiage into the sexual orientation training scenarios. We also added more information to assist law enforcement officers working with victims of bias crimes.

Bias Motivation by Category and Type

Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry Religion Sexual Orientation Disability Gender  Gender Identity
Anti-American Indian or Alaska Native Anti-Buddhist Anti-Bisexual Anti-Mental Disability Anti-Female Anti-Gender Nonconforming
Anti-Arab Anti-Catholic Anti-Gay (Male) Anti-Physical Disability Anti-Male Anti-Transgender
Anti-Asian Anti-Eastern Orthodox Anti-Heterosexual      
Anti-Black or African American Anti-Hindu Anti-Lesbian      
Anti-Hispanic or Latino Anti-Islamic (Muslim) Anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (Mixed Group)      
Anti-Multiple Races, Group Anti-Jehovah's Witness        
Anti-Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander Anti-Jewish        
Anti-Other Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry Anti-Mormon        
Anti-Other Race/Ethnicity/Ancestry Ant-Multiple Religions, Group        
Anti-White Anti-Other Christian        
  Anti-Other Religion        





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Updated November 16, 2023