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Hate Crimes

Welcome to the Department of Justice Hate Crimes Enforcement and Prevention Website

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New Jersey Man Sentenced to 26 Months in Prison for Mailing Threatening Communications

July 17, 2024

Georgian National Charged with Soliciting Hate Crimes and a Mass Casualty Attack in New York City

July 16, 2024

Washington Man Sentenced for Racially Motivated Threats Against Federal Worker

June 25, 2024

Kentucky Man Pleads Guilty and Is Sentenced for Federal Hate Crime Targeting Children Online

June 24, 2024

State Data

Find hate crimes news, DOJ offices, resources, and hate crimes case examples in each state. 

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Featured Content
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Addressing Hate Targeting Jewish, Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian Communities

This page aims to raise awareness and provide resources addressing the rise of antisemitic, anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim hate in the wake of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. 

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Celebrating Pride Month: Our Commitment to LGBTQI+ Communities

This June, the U.S. Department of Justice proudly honors the resilience, courage, and contributions of LGBTQI+ individuals across the nation, and affirms our unwavering commitment to supporting the rights of LGBTQI+ people to live openly and proudly.

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Fact Sheet: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Takes Action to Address Alarming Rise of Reported Antisemitic and Islamophobic Events at Schools and on College Campuses

This fact sheet highlights new federal actions and resources to address the alarming rise of reported antisemitic and Islamophobic incidents at schools and on college campuses since October 7.

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United Against Hate Community Outreach and Engagement Program 2022–2023

This document outlines the milestones of the United Against Hate program, established by Attorney General Garland's March 2021 directive to boost efforts to fight hate crimes and hate incidents.

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Fact Sheet: Justice Department Efforts to Combat Hate Crimes

This fact sheet outlines the Attorney General's directives that DOJ has implemented to increase resources to combat hate crimes through federal law enforcement action and to enhance training, support and outreach to state and local partners.

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Addressing Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders

Learn about the DOJ's work to combat anti-AANHPI hate crimes.