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Organization And Functions Manual

10. Partial List Of Federal Matters Investigated By The FBI

General Crimes:
Assassination, Kidnapping, or Assaulting the President, Vice-President, Presidential Staff Member, or Vice-Presidential Staff Member
Assassination, Kidnapping, or Assaulting a Member of Congress
Assassination, Kidnapping, or Assaulting an Executive Department Head or Director, CIA
Assassination, Kidnapping, or Assaulting a Supreme Court Justice
Assaulting or Killing a Federal Officer
Bank Burglary
Bank Fraud and Embezzlement
Bank Larceny
Bank Robbery
Bombing Matters
Bond Default
Civil Rights
Congressional Assassination Statute
Conspiracy (in matters under FBI jurisdiction)
Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer
Contempt of Court
Copyright Matters
Credit and/or Debt Card and Related Fraud
Crime Aboard Aircraft
Crimes on Government Reservations
Crimes on Indian Reservations
Crimes within the Maritime Jurisdiction
Destruction of Aircraft or Motor Vehicles Used in Interstate or Foreign Commerce
Domestic Security
Election Laws
Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Escaped Federal Prisoners, Escape and Rescue
Ethics in Government Act of 1978
Extortionate Credit Transactions
Falsely Claiming Citizenship
False Entries in Records of Interstate Carriers
Federal Aviation Act
Federal Housing Administration Matters
Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act
Federal Tort Claims Act
Federal Train Wreck Statute
Foreign Agents Registration Act
Fraud Against the Government
Fraud by Wire
Fraudulent Practices Concerning Certain Military and Naval Documents and Seals of Department or Agencies of theUnited States
Government Property - Theft, Robbery, Embezzlement, Illegal Possession, and Destruction
Hobbs Act
Illegal Gambling Business
Illegal Manufacture, Use, Possession, or Sale of Emblems and Insignia
Illegal Use of Government Transportation Requests
Illegal Wearing of the Uniform and Related Statutes
Interception of Communications
Interference with Discrimination in Housing, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and federally protected activities
Interstate Gambling Activities
Interstate Obscene or Harassing Telephone Calls
Interstate Transportation in Aid of Racketeering
Interstate Transportation of Gambling Devices
Interstate Transportation of Lottery Tickets
Interstate Transportation of Obscene Matter
Interstate Transportation of Prison-made Goods
Interstate Transportation of Stolen Cattle
Interstate Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicle or Aircraft
Interstate Transportation of Stolen Property
Interstate Transmission of Wagering Information
Interstate Transportation of Wagering Paraphernalia
Involuntary Servitude and Slavery
Irregularities in Federal Penal Institutions
Kickback Racket Act
Labor Management Relations Act, 1974
Mann Act
Migratory Bird Act
Narcotics Violations
National Bankruptcy Act
Obstruction of Justice
Protection of Foreign Officials
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
Railway Labor Act
Security Matters
Selective Service Matters
Sexual Exploitation of Children
Sports Bribery
Theft from Interstate Shipment
Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution, Custody, Confinement, and Giving testimony
Veterans Administration Matters

Accounting Matters and Civil Cases:
Admiralty Matters
Alien Property Custodian Matters
Ascertaining Financial Ability to Pay Claims, Fines, and Judgments
Civil Rights Act of 1964, public accommodations, public education, public facilities, employment (involving only governmental agencies, state, county, municipal, and in the private sector only where the employee is under contract to the United States), discrimination in housing
Contract Settlement Act
Federal Reserve Act
Federal Tort Claims Act
Mail Fraud (accounting phases)
National Bankruptcy Act
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974
False Claims (civil)

Applicant Investigations:
Application for Executive Clemency (Only those cases where originally convicted of an offense within jurisdiction of FBI)
Application for pardon after completion of sentence
Departmental applicants
FBI applicants