Meet Ann

Meet Ann

I interned for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland and for the Civil Rights Division’s Criminal Section through the Cooperative Legal Education Program at Northeastern University School of Law. I had such an overwhelmingly positive experience during those hands–on internships that I knew I wanted to work for Justice as a federal prosecutor. The integrity, intelligence and dedication to doing justice that I saw in the DOJ prosecutors I interned for shaped me as a lawyer and solidified my career path.

After a federal clerkship in the District of Columbia, I was hired in 2000 through the Attorney General’s Honors Program as a prosecutor in the Antitrust Division’s Cleveland Field Office. I chose the Antitrust Division because an AUSA I interned with started at the Antitrust Division and told me it was a great place to get experience investigating and prosecuting white collar crime. She was absolutely correct.

After two years of actively investigating and prosecuting bid-rigging, price-fixing and market allocation conspiracies, I transferred to the Antitrust Division’s main office in Washington, DC for a two-year detail as a Special Assistant to the Directors of Enforcement. In that position I was involved in all aspects of the Division’s criminal and civil matters. It was great to be able to see the Antitrust Division as a whole and be exposed to the full range of legal, policy, and management issues across the Division. It was also in this position that I began working for a supervisor who became the type of mentor that few lawyers are lucky to have. I not only gained substantive knowledge about criminal antitrust enforcement from my supervisor, but even more important lessons about integrity and decision making. He always gave me as much responsibility as I asked for and was able to handle with just the right amount of oversight and encouragement.

My career at Justice has been rewarding professionally and personally. I come to work every day with a sense of purpose and responsibility. I feel very fortunate to work every day with my incredibly intelligent and dedicated colleagues in the “halls of justice.”



Updated May 27, 2014