Summer Law Intern Program Eligibility

Applications for the 2023 Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) will be accepted from current law students who have completed at least one semester of full-time study by the Tuesday, September 6, 2022, application deadline. First-year, first-semester law students are not eligible. In addition, a failing law school grade disqualifies SLIP applicants who would intern prior to law school graduation if it is listed on the official law school transcript.  The majority of SLIP hires intern the summer following the second year of law school; however, third-year law students entering judicial clerkships, legal fellowships, Presidential Management Fellowships, or full-time graduate law programs may intern between law school graduation and the start of their clerkship, fellowship, or LL.M. program. Law students graduating in winter 2022 through spring 2023 who are applying for but have not yet accepted clerkships/fellowships should apply to the Honors Program and transfer to the SLIP upon accepting an offer.  Applicants are not required to attend an ABA accredited law school.

 Check Your Eligibility

To determine whether you are eligible to apply for the for the 2023 Summer Law Intern Program select the link that best describes your current law school status.

Applicants must be current students enrolled and seeking a degree in a qualifying educational institution on a half- to full-time basis and be able to meet the definition of a student throughout the duration of their appointments.

Full-time law students: You are eligible if you are currently attending law school and have completed at least one full semester of law school by the application deadline.

Part-time law students: You are eligible if you are currently attending law school and have completed the equivalent of one semester of full-time law school by the application deadline.

Law Students Graduating in the 2022-2023 academic year: You are eligible if you will graduate from law school between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023 and, within 9 months of law school graduation, you will enter a full-time eligibility preserving activity (e.g., a judicial clerkship, a legal fellowship, a Presidential Management Fellowship, or an LL.M. program), and you are available to work during summer 2023.

If you are applying for, but have not yet accepted a clerkship, fellowship, or a graduate law program, your application will be routed to the Attorney General's Honors Program.  If you later accept a clerkship, fellowship, or are accepted into a graduate law program, you may return to your application, add the specific clerkship/fellowship/graduate law program information, and transfer your application to the Summer Law Intern Program. The system will prompt you to select components participating in the SLIP (participating components differ between Programs). This option remains open until the Department finalizes its Summer Law Intern Program hiring pools, generally in early- to mid-October.

Joint-degree law students (J.D./LL.M.; J.D./MBA, etc.): You are eligible if you are a current joint-degree student who is simultaneously pursuing a J.D. and a graduate law degree (e.g., J.D./LL.M.) or a J.D. and a non-legal graduate degree (e.g., J.D./MBA) who has completed at least one semester of law school by the application deadline.  You do not currently have to be taking law classes (e.g., the current or future semester may be study directed toward the second graduate degree); however, you must be actively pursuing both degrees.  If you will complete academic requirements for both degrees, including a thesis, if required, and graduate from both programs between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023, please see the comments for Law Students Graduating in the 2022-2023 academic year, above.


  • First year, first semester law students are not eligible. 
  • Individuals who are not enrolled (or will not be deemed enrolled) at their school (e.g., on a leave of absence) during the internship appointment.  Normal interims between semesters do not result in ineligibility.
  • Individuals who are federal government employees or on active military duty during the internship period are not eligible to be hired via the SLIP.
    • The SLIP is a compensated excepted service hiring program; current federal government employees or active duty military should consider applying for volunteer intern positions with a view toward negotiating a detail or leave of absence with their current employer.

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Updated January 9, 2023

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