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Meet Nick

Photo of Nick

I have been an Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) since 2002, and my primary duties are in the office’s Criminal Division, prosecuting white collar and immigration crimes. Given my family’s commitment to public service, I always assumed that, either through work or through volunteering, I would add to my community.

Following law school, I clerked for the federal district court (magistrate judge) and then the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, both chambered in Fargo, North Dakota. During that time, I decided that my “dream job” was to be an AUSA in Fargo. And, after a few years in private practice, I ultimately got my dream job.

Being an AUSA is not just a great public service job – it is the ultimate public service job and ultimate attorney job. On a daily basis, I am rewarded by the fact that I have brought justice to a deserving person – either someone has been convicted and gone to jail or a victim has been vindicated and/or financially remedied. The work is almost always exciting, the attorneys in this office prevail almost all of the time, and we are supported by an amazing system of federal law enforcement, support from professionals in the office, and expertise from main Justice. As an added benefit, AUSAs in this part of the country are among the highest-paid attorneys in the area. Overall, I cannot imagine that there are many attorney positions in this country as diverse and interesting as mine. I know several attorneys around the country who say the same thing – they are all AUSAs.


Updated May 27, 2014