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Meet Tiwana

Meet TiwanaI knew when I applied to law school that I wanted to be a criminal trial lawyer. I attended the University of Maryland, School of Law in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout law school I tried to obtain as much trial exposure and experience as possible. I enrolled in trial advocacy classes, participated in the school’s criminal law clinic, worked at the Public Defender’s Office, and interned for a judge at the United States District Court in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating from law school, I clerked for a trial judge for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. Once my clerkship was completed, I joined the United States Air Force’s Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps. In the JAG Corps, I continued to pursue my desire to be a litigator and served as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and labor law attorney. When I left the JAG Corps after ten years of service, I wanted to continue my federal service and also continue litigating. The Department of Justice was the obvious choice for me.

I came to the Tax Division’s Criminal Enforcement Section because it allowed me the opportunity to combine federal service with trial work. At the Tax Division, I represent the United States as a federal prosecutor in white collar criminal tax fraud cases. My prior litigation experience involved mostly drugs, sexual offenses, and violent crimes. Working at the Tax Division, I am developing the unique trial skills required in complex white collar federal litigation. Tax Division criminal attorneys travel throughout the United States to assist U.S. Attorneys’ offices in the prosecution of tax fraud crimes.

At Justice you are exposed to some of the most experienced litigators in the country. The resources and training provided to new and lateral attorneys are exceptional. When I first arrived, I was assigned a mentor within my section. My mentor was instrumental in helping me transition into my new position. My mentor answered all of my questions, informed me of expectations, and assured me her door was always open if I needed assistance. I am still quite new at Justice, but I have already learned a tremendous amount about federal criminal litigation. I have enjoyed my experiences thus far and look forward to a continued successful career at Justice.


Updated January 18, 2018