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National Security Division Contacts, Pre-Interview Submissions and Honors Program Interview Information


Primary: Kelly Shackelford, Director of Training and Workforce Development, National Security Division, 202-307-6209 (direct), 202-598-9041 (cell),

Alternate:  Emily Sullivan, Office: (202) 514-9839; Cell: (202) 305-5594;

Interview Information

Honors Program interviews will be conducted via virtual platforms this year. Candidates should follow instructions from the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM) regarding interview scheduling.  OARM will notify candidates of their interview day and time.  The National Security Division will send interviewees supplemental information, including the interview link, in advance of the scheduled interview.

Pre-Interview Submissions

The National Security Division requests a writing sample and an updated resume. 

  • Submission Deadline: As soon as possible but not later than three business days following notification of selection for an interview.
  • Format: Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat
  • Type of Writing Sample: One sample only reflecting the candidate’s best writing -- legal analysis writing sample strongly preferred - not to exceed 10 pages in length.  Please do not submit work that has been heavily edited by others.  Extracts from an article, brief, or memorandum are acceptable.  If the work was authored by more than one person, the candidate should highlight the portions that he or she authored.

Submission Method:

Submit by e-mail as an attachment to: 

The email subject line should reflect: “Writing Sample – Honors Program” and the candidate’s name.

Special Instructions

The writing sample submitted should contain the candidate’s name at the top, right corner.

Updated September 13, 2023