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U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California Contacts, Honors Program Pre-Interview Submissions and Interview Information

Contacts: Lauren Horwood, 916-554-2706, and Michele Beckwith, 961-554-2787,

Interview Information: The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management will centrally schedule interviews with the Eastern District of California. Interviews will start no earlier than noon, Eastern time and are expected to be 90 minutes in duration. Interviews will be conducted in a virtual environment. The District will email each interviewee a link in advance of the interview.  If you do not received your link at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled interview, please reach out to one of the listed contacts. Please plan to be available 5 minutes prior to the official start time of your interview and report any access issues to one of the listed contacts.   

Pre-Interview Submissions:  The Eastern District of California requests a current resume and legal writing sample.

  • Submission Deadline: Within 5 business days following notification of selection for an interview.
  • Format: Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF (preferred)
  • Type of Writing Sample:  Candidates should submit a writing sample that best illustrates their legal analysis and writing. It should represent the candidate's own work, without extensive editing by anyone else.
  • Submission Method: Submit via email as an attachment (one document containing both the resume and writing sample) to  Your submission should use a standard subject line formatted as:  HP Submissions - Name of Candidate

Special Instructions: Ensure your name is on your writing sample.

Updated September 14, 2023