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U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California, Honors Program Pre-Interview Submissions and Interview Information


John Bostic (AUSA and Hiring Coordinator) at (415) 793-3693,; Adrienne Dela Pena (Executive Assistant to U.S. Attorney) at (415) 436-6813,

Interview Information

Honors Program interviews will be conducted via virtual platforms.  Candidates should follow scheduling instructions from the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM).  OARM will notify candidates of their interview day and time. The USAO, Northern District of California will provide supplemental instructions including the interview link and contacts for technical assistance.  Any subsequent rounds of interviews will be conducted via virtual platforms as well. Those interviews will be scheduled by the USAO in coordination with the candidate.

Pre-Interview Submissions

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California requests a resume, a legal writing sample, and proof of bar membership or documents showing that the candidate has taken the bar and is pending results.  Please consolidate into one PDF and submit electronically.

  • Submission Deadline: As soon as possible but not later than 7 days after being notified of selection for interview.  
  • Format: Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • Type of Writing Sample:

Interview candidates should submit an original piece of legal writing or analysis that has not been extensively edited by a third party (e.g., not a heavily-edited law review article or a judicial opinion) not to exceed 15 pages in length.  An excerpt from  longer piece is acceptable - just include a brief explanation.  If written in conjunction with others, the candidate must clearly identify those portions he or she authored that reflect his or her own work.

  • Submission Method: 

    Submit the resume,  writing sample, and bar membership/bar exam status documents via email as attachments to, with a CC to  Please submit all documents in one consolidated PDF.

    The email subject line should read “Honors Program Submissions" and include candidate's last name.  


Updated September 25, 2023