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Victim Toolbox: Information for Victims of Overseas Terrorism

About the Toolbox

We at DOJ/OVT have experience supporting U.S. citizen victims of overseas terrorism and their families in their quest for accountability. While we will never fully understand the depths of your personal experience of a terrorist attack nor be able to meet all your needs, we have compiled information - our services, U.S. Code legal definitions, victims’ rights, general information about terrorism abroad and common victim questions - that may help you and your loved ones in the aftermath of the terrorist attack. We also encourage you to review our resources section for additional information that is outside the scope of U.S. government services.

The toolbox includes:

  • Information and notification, including opportunities to share communication preferences and general information on privacy concerns;

  • Information on potential opportunities to participate in foreign criminal justice proceedings;

  • Guidance on how to connect with U.S. government partners for additional support;

  • Definitions you may find helpful;

  • Victims’ rights in foreign and domestic investigations and prosecutions; and

  • Common victims’ questions about terrorism, prosecution, investigation and assistance.

For further information on the resources and services captured in this toolbox, please contact us.