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Arranging Speakers

Requesting NSD Attorney Speakers

Training and public outreach are significant components of the mission of the National Security Division (NSD). Accordingly, in appropriate circumstances, NSD attorneys are available to provide training to federal law enforcement agents, prosecutors, other government officials, and in some cases foreign requesters. NSD attorneys are also available to speak in the United States or abroad to groups of public and private sector companies, institutions, and other organizations concerned about threats to U.S. national security.  NSD attorneys routinely speak on the following topics of interest:

  • National Security Cyber Threats;
  • Terrorism (International and Domestic);
  • Economic Espionage;
  • Export Controls and Sanctions; and
  • Counter-Proliferation

To request a speaker from NSD, please contact

If we are unable to accommodate your request for a speaker from NSD, we may be able to identify a federal prosecutor or law enforcement agent from your geographical area who can assist.

Updated November 13, 2018