Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program

The Department of Justice Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (ASLRP) is an agency recruitment and retention incentive program based on 5 U.S. C. § 5379, as amended, and 5 CFR Part 537. The Department selects participants during an annual open season each spring. Any Justice employee serving in or hired to serve in an attorney position may request consideration for the ASLRP. The Department anticipates selecting new attorneys each year for participation on a competitive basis and renewing current beneficiaries during existing service obligations, subject to availability of funds. ASLRP benefits are paid directly to the loan holder, not to the individual attorney. Initial acceptance of ASLRP funding triggers a three-year service obligation to Justice. To receive ASLRP benefits, the attorney must qualify, the attorney's student loans must qualify, and all statutory requirements must be met. Attorneys who do not complete their service obligation must repay the Department for all funds received through the ASLRP.  Please review the ASLRP Policy for more details.

THE 2016 ATTORNEY STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM (2017 Updates Pending.  Please check back March 1 for the 2017 Program information.)

The annual open season for attorneys to request participation in the Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program is closed.  The Department of Justice has completed its selections for the 2016 Attorney Student Loan Repayment Program (ASLRP).  Notification email messages have been sent to attorneys who were selected and their component ASLRP contact.  The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management confirms notification with all selectees, who must respond in writing to accept participation. 

The ASLRP operates on an annual basis.  Please check back in early March 2017 for updated information.  There are different deadlines for new requests (from attorneys not currently participating and attorneys who are re-competing for additional benefits at the end of their service obliation) and for attorneys seeking renewal of payments during the second or third year of an existing service obligation.  The  "Key Dates and Deadlines for 2016" lists this year's attorney deadlines to their components, and component deadlines to OARM.  This link will be updated in early March 2017.  Individual attorneys, including current participants seeking renewal, must submit requests through their component and not directly to OARM. All necessary forms are posted below. 

Additional Information and Forms

General Information

ASLRP Policy

ASLRP Frequently Asked Questions

Key Dates and Deadlines for 2016

ASLRP Eligibility Worksheet

Component ASLRP Points of Contact (Where to Submit Requests) (2017 Updates Pending)

Component Specific Criteria (ASLRP Policy - Appendix A) (2017 Updates Pending)

Forms for Attorneys (Please check back March 1, 2017, for this year's forms.)

ASLRP Application Checklist

Forms for Components  (Please check back March 1, 2017, for this year's forms.)


Leaving DOJ Prior to Completing the Service Obligation & Waivers of Indebtedness

Information and Instructions

DOJ Form 127

Investigation Report Form

Updated January 23, 2017