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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Readout of Attorney General Holder’s Meeting with Counterparts from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

The following statement is attributable to Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon regarding Attorney General Eric Holder’s visit to Mexico City today to meet with his fellow attorneys general from across Central America to discuss the situation involving migrant children:


“Attorney General Holder attended a joint meeting in Mexico City today with his counterparts from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The group discussed ways to improve public safety across Central America in order to address the underlying factors that have contributed to the flow of unaccompanied minors across the Southwest border of the United States. Specifically, the group considered strategies about how to best confront the smugglers of these unaccompanied children, the violent gangs who victimize them in their home countries, and the cartels who tax or exploit them in their passage.


“Going forward, the Attorneys General agreed to create a high-level working group with representatives of each Attorney General's office in order to develop an integrated strategy to deal efficiently with this issue. The working group will hold its first meeting within the coming weeks to develop a coordinated plan of action that will be presented at a subsequent meeting of the attorneys general.”

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Updated September 15, 2014