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Monday, November 14, 2016

Statement by Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch on the Passing of Gwen Ifill

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch today released the following statement on the passing of Gwen Ifill:

“Gwen Ifill was a pioneering figure in American journalism who quite literally changed the face of the evening news.  She met discrimination and bigotry with talent and focus, rising to become one of the most prominent journalists of her generation.  She pursued her reporting with grace, intelligence and integrity, earning her the trust of countless Americans who counted on her to present the facts of a story without slant or spin.  She asked tough questions and told hard truths, but she always did so in a way that elevated, rather than coarsened, our national discourse.  Our country is a better place because of her commitment to the truth, and she will be sorely missed, both on the air and off.”

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Updated November 14, 2016