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The Administrative Division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska provides a broad variety of resource based programs in support of the United States Attorney. Those include human resource management, financial management, information technology, facilities management and property management. These programs are managed by the Administrative Division staff to ensure continued resource availability to support the legal activities of the United States Attorney and the United States Department of Justice. In addition, the Division follows internal control practices that ensure proper use and reporting of tax payer funded assets.



The Civil Division's mission is to protect the interests of the United States by defending against, and pursuing, claims for money damages and declaratory and injunctive relief in cases involving the broad spectrum of civil litigation. Most often, the Civil Division accomplishes its mission by litigating on behalf of the United States in federal court. The Division routinely attempts to resolve matters via alternate dispute resolution before proceeding to trial. The categories of cases in which the Civil Division defends the interests of the government include: tort claims seeking money damages from the United States for injuries allegedly caused by federal employee negligence, claims against federal employees for alleged violations of constitutional rights, actions challenging federal agency decisions or actions in administering statutory or regulatory programs, employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims, social security disability appeals, and immigration cases. The Civil Division provides affirmative legal representation for the government in fraud cases, bankruptcy proceedings, tax cases, and commercial litigation.



The Criminal Division has twenty Assistant United States Attorney’s, one full-time Special Assistant United States Attorneys from the Municipality of Anchorage, and numerous part-time Special Assistant United States Attorneys from various local, state and federal agencies who assist with the prosecution of criminal matters. These prosecutors are supported by an excellent staff of professionals, including three legal assistants, three paralegals, a victim witness coordinator, a law enforcement coordinator, student interns and an administrative staff. One AUSA and one legal assistant are assigned to the Juneau branch office, and one AUSA and one paralegal are assigned to the Fairbanks branch office. The Division is supervised by the Criminal Division Chief and the Deputy Chief.

Updated May 10, 2023