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Press Release

Four Indicted for Drug Conspiracy, Kidnapping involving sexual torture, and using firearms in furtherance of these crimes

For Immediate Release
U.S. Attorney's Office, District of Alaska

ANCHORAGE, AK – United States Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced today, August 30, 2013, that four Anchorage men have been indicted for drug conspiracy, kidnapping, and using firearms in furtherance of these crimes.  The men are: Stuart T. Seugasala, a/k/a "Tone", age 38; Phosavan Khamnivong, a/k/a "P.K.", age 33, Timothy Miller, a/k/a "Lil' Tone", age 25, and Anaoi Sialofi, a/k/a "A-loc", age 25.  The indictment also charges Stacy F. Laulu, age 31, of Anchorage, with violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) by disclosing protected health information to another for malicious harm. 

The indictment alleges that Seugasala, Khamnivong, Miller, and Sialofi participated in a conspiracy to distribute more than 500 grams of methamphetamine, as well as heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine.   The indictment goes on to allege that Seugasala organized "home invasions" (which he called "missions") of other drug trafffickers in order to obtain controlled substances for distribution and/or drug proceeds.  According to the indictment, Miller and Sialofi would sometimes accompany Seugasala on these "missions". 

The indictment describes one such alleged mission that occurred in March 2013.  In essence, it describes how Seugasala directed Miller to prepare for a “mission” against “Victim A” in retribution for Victim A's failure to pay a drug debt to Seugasala and Khamnivong.  It further alleges that Seugasala met with Victims A and B and escorted them to Miller's apartment.  Seugasala, Khamnivong, Miller, and Sialofi held Victim A and “Victim B” at gunpoint, bound them with duct tape, and proceeded to beat them.  It is further alleged that Seugasala sexually assaulted Victim A with a hot curling iron, causing serious physical injury to Victim A that required hospitalization.   During the assault, the indictment alleges that Seugasala directed Miller to take a video of part of the sexual assault on Victim A using Miller's cellular telephone, so that it could be shown to others who owed them drug debts.  After the assault on Victim A, the indictment alleges that Seugasala also sexually assaulted Victim B with the curling iron. 

Days later, the indictment alleges that Seugasala shot another person, identified as “Victim C”.  Seugasala then contacted an employee of an Anchorage medical center, later identified as Stacy Laulu, for information on Victims A and C.  The indictment alleges that Laulu provided confidential patient information about the injuries and treatments of Victims A and C to Seugasala. 
These actions form the basis for two charges of violations of HIPAA against Ms. Laulu.  The indictment also demands criminal forfeiture of property, including two Cadillacs, an Infiniti, and five firearms. 

Seugasala and Miller are in federal custody on other charges, and there arraignments will be set by the court.  Sialofi was arrested yesterday, and will be arraigned today.  Khamnivong is not yet in custody.  Information on his whereabouts can be provided to DEA (907-271-5033) or FBI (907-276-4441).  A photo of Khamnivong is attached. 

U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler stated, “Unfortunately, violence often goes hand-in- hand with drug trafficking.  We are dedicated to working with our law enforcement partners to bring the most violent drug traffickers to justice, so they can neither harm the community nor potential victims of their brutal attacks.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Streets Task Force, the Anchorage Police Department’s Special Assignment, Sex Crimes, and Vice Units, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives participated in the investigation that led to the indictments.  These agencies were assisted by the Valdez Police Department, the Alaska State Troopers, and the United States Postal Inspection Service.  The case is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office, in coordination with the Anchorage District Attorney’s Office.

The maximum penalties for the drug conspiracy charge include a minimum of 10 years in prison and maximum of life in prison, a $10 million fine, and at least five years of supervised release.  The kidnapping charges carry potential life sentences, and the firearms charges carry mandatory minimum consecutive sentences of five and 25 years, respectively. Finally, the HIPAA violation carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and three years of supervised release. 

The charges in the indictment are merely allegations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. 

Updated January 29, 2015