Assistant U.S. Attorney Training

The United States Attorney's Office provides a large number of training programs that cover a variety of topics, from workshops on legal and advocacy skills to seminars on administrative and ethical duties. In addition to classes, the Office provides a broad range of training materials, including a comprehensive trial manual the covers issues involving both substantive law and administrative procedures.

New Assistants and Special Assistants that have recently joined the office participate in a three week Basic Training Program before their initial trial assignment in the Misdemeanor Section. When an Assistant advances to the Felony Trial Section, the Office provides an additional week long training session. Each of these training programs include both lectures on commonly confronted legal principles and trial advocacy exercises. When an Assistant advances to the Community Prosecution/Grand Jury/Intake Section, there is an additional week long training session on the proper use of the Grand Jury and other investigatory skills. Before moving into the rotational assignments of the Criminal Division, the Office provides Assistants with an orientation to the federal court system.

The Office also provides extensive training to Assistants entering the more advanced or specialized sections in the Office, including a "Homicide School" for Assistants entering the Homicide/Major Crimes Section. DNA training is provided to Assistants that frequently use DNA evidence in their cases, such as those in the Sex Offense and Domestic Violence Section. Similarly, the Office provides comprehensive training to Assistants moving into the Civil and Appellate Divisions.

Beyond particular training programs in the Office, audio and video training tapes are always available for review. These tapes cover a wide variety of topics, such as advocacy, witness preparation, evidentiary problems, trial strategy, and trial ethics. Assistants are also encouraged to participate in outside courses sponsored by the Department of Justice at the Department's National Advocacy Center in South Carolina.

Notably, the Office's greatest training asset is the experience of its own Assistants. Many of these Assistants serve as instructors for both in house training programs and for programs sponsored by agencies and academic institutions throughout the country.

Updated February 24, 2015

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