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Criminal Division

Jonathan M. Malis, Chief
John Crabb, Deputy Chief

The Criminal Division represents the United States government in criminal matters before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Cases are handled by approximately 60 Assistant U.S. Attorneys, including attorneys who are assigned for short “rotations” in the division and who primarily handle arrest-generated matters. The Criminal Division is divided into four litigating sections.

The National Security Section handles all terrorism, terrorism hoax, export enforcement and espionage matters, investigations into leaks, mishandling, or other disclosure of classified information, and other sensitive matters that implicate national security and/or have significant extraterritorial aspects.

The Violent Crime and Narcotics Trafficking Section handles long-term investigations, initiatives, and prosecutions of gang-related violence and complex narcotics conspiracies, working with both our federal and local law enforcement partners.

The Fraud and Public Corruption Section handles white collar crime and public corruption offenses, major consumer fraud and identity theft, health care fraud, tax violations, corporate and securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, computer hacking, and intellectual property crimes.

The Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section oversees all criminal and civil forfeiture matters for the Criminal Division. The mission of the section is to enforce compliance with the laws of the United States by using criminal and civil forfeiture, and money laundering charges, to disrupt and deter criminal activity, to dismantle criminal enterprises, and to deprive criminals and criminal organizations of illegal proceeds and instrumentalities of crime.

The Cyber Unit is an independent litigating and consulting unit that reports directly to the Criminal Division front office.

The Docketing Unit is responsible for the case management and tracking of all matters assigned to the Criminal Division.

Sections in the Criminal Division include:

Updated October 5, 2016

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