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Beyond its work for justice in the courtroom, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia actively engages the community, nonprofit organizations, and its law enforcement partners to solve our most pressing public safety challenges.

Engaging Our Community

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is a longstanding national leader in the area of “community prosecution,” a robust effort to engage citizens as partners in the work of identifying and solving the most persistent problems facing our community.

Assisting Victims and Witnesses

The U.S. Attorney’s Office provides services and support to victims and witnesses of serious crime while they are involved with the criminal justice system.

Diversion Programs

A national leader in advocating for rehabilitative-focused alternatives to traditional prosecution for many misdemeanor offenders, our office individually reviews every case presented to it. If applicable, we offer a variety of diversion programs, providing targeted help to the accused and the opportunity to avoid a criminal conviction.

Ending Human Trafficking

The U.S. Attorney’s Office facilitates collaboration between law enforcement agencies and nongovernmental organizations to increase the prosecution of human traffickers while identifying and serving victims.

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Initiative

Created in 2019, this Initiative was launched to strengthen expertise within the Office on the issues surrounding intimate partner violence and to allow these experts to serve as a resource both within and outside the office.

Hate/Bias-Related Crimes

Updated July 26, 2022